The African youth writers organization project

Published on June 2, 2014 um 06:18

Summary of your idea

The African Youth Organization-AYWO is an innovative project that is challenging the publishing , marketing and distribution literature markets/system in Africa. We see no reason why African literature cannot be published, marketed and sold very well in Africa . We know and understand the challenges that is why AYWO has a bold solution..we are tacking the root problems one at a time with our 4 phase strategic model.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

our targets;1. we estimate by the end of Dec 2014 we would have over 200 primary school children in rural communities under our phase 1 model where out of the 200 at least 10 would be able produce a 300-500 word short story, a poem and other cultural writings. 2. in addition by February 2015 to we would launch an on line writing contest where young unpublished writers from African to submit stories/poems for considerations.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

A. Grooming incubator (literacy programs in rural communities in Africa. B. a Publishing unit. ( where we publish products from phase A C. a Marketing and advertising unit.(where our product are kept in the public through exhibitions, book fairs We are currently undertaking phase A, where we have introduced a reading and writing activity dubbed The Fun Reading and Writing Incubator-FRAWI into rural communities with high illiteracy rates. financing source would be from our book fairs , products exhibitions from phase one of the model ,we would re-invest into the model any profits from sales.

Your profile

Portia Dery is a Short story writer/Poet/Novelist/Lyricist/blogger. She is also social entrepreneur with focus on youth development and writing activities. Portia works as a Community Development Worker in Ghana. She has turned her passion and love for writing into a social entrepreneurial venture with the aim sparking up interest in reading and writing among African youth. #AYWO is on the mission of grooming the next generation of African writers that would compete in international commercial markets. This is because we believes that African has beautiful stories with a unique culture.

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Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, cultural diversity , youth

her dream of becoming a doctor is valid now1

reading with kids


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June 2, 2014 22:26

hi Paul ,am happy to know you love to write! #AYWO needs you

June 2, 2014 19:14

Hi,i really like poems.the idea is awasome.

June 2, 2014 18:11

why not? i would love to hear it

June 2, 2014 16:56

i have a similar idea related with yours though unpublished. Can we have time to talk about it more?