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Published on February 13, 2014 um 10:45

Summary of your idea

Free Her is a campaign that focusses particularly on young girls (to a lesser extent young boys) who have been victims of Human Trafficking or are potential victims of the crime. The campaign would seek to educate and advocate to and for young girls between the ages of 14- 24 years old. Through Free Her young women would become empowered to speak up about sexual abuse, or aspects of Human Trafficking and would become knowledgeable of the proper channels of reporting. The project would incorporate elements of the arts through education and media and communication. The goal of the project is to promote the actions and activities of Free Her which will seek to protect our children and youths from the dangers of Human Trafficking. The specific objectives are: to increase awareness, understanding and support for the police force in the fight against Human Trafficking as a priority on the development agenda. As well as to encourage greater support from the private sector organisations to buy into the initiative through advocating for urgent and increased action within the framework of the implementation of the Action Plan.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

It is hoped that the expected impacts that Free Her will have on sustainable development will also tie into the three major strategies that all support around human trafficking should attain to- prevention of trafficking, Protection of victims of trafficking, Prosecution of those involved in the crime of trafficking and related forms of abuse helping to raise awarenessof human trafficking and sex slavery worldwide. It is hoped that through this venture, there will be an increase in the awareness level of women and young girls about this crime and steps to be taken in order to protect themselves and not fall prey to the crime, and if they do, that they know the proper channel through which to report it. Also, it is hoped that through this programme, the cycle of exploitation of victims will be broken through the stabilizing victims, whether it be through helping to find homes/shelters for them, to getting them employment and proper healthcare. Through investing in goods and services that create opportunities for victims and at-risk populations is also a target of 'Free Her' and will be seen as critical for promoting inclusive social and economic growth.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

By creating awareness, several conferences could be held across the country and would see young people coming together to learn about this crime. These conferences will speak to the prevention of trafficking, and what can be done to protect victims or our children from it. In an effort to adequately communicate with the target group, selected members of the National Secondary Student Council (NSSC) will be identified and assigned to each school. Collaborating with public and private sector organisations will also be an integral part of the plan and will help in monitoring, protecting and improving working standards for positive impact on existing supply chains. Organizations who have given of their time and resources will be branded with a logo that speaks against Human Trafficking. This logo will be seen on products, as well as information and packaging for the company. As well gas stations, night clubs, hotels, bars and all across the country will be equipped with small bars of soap or hair conditioner and/or shampoo with information as it relates to Human Trafficking and what organisations victims can call if they are in danger. These products would be small and could easily be slipped into the pockets of possible victims and later used once they are in the reach of a telephone. From research, it is believed that Traffickers will bring their victims to use public restrooms and will be the only opportunity victims will have that they are by themselves. By equipping these outlets victims would be able to have access to the information that would be unbeknownst to the Traffickers.

Your profile

I am currently the Jamaican Youth Ambassador for my country and represent youths nationally and internationally. I also work as a Public Relations and Gender Specialist. A Public Speaker, I have been asked to speak on issues affecting youths, as well as communication and gender issues. Having received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media and Communication and Cultural Studies, as well as a Masters of Science degree in Gender and Development Studies, I believe I have been equipped in speaking to issues on a local and an international level. Awards and recogniitions received to date are most recently a Graduate Award from the University of the West Indies, Commemorative Award from the Commonwealth of Bangladesh for my work on Women and Leadership, Prime Minister's Youth Award nomination for the development of a Youth Programme that spanned over three parishes and sought to hone the talents of young people in garrison communities and exposed them to activities that would foster development and growth. I am also a former Festival Queen, and served as a Cultural Ambassador and a role model for young Jamaican women across the island. Other awards earned in the past are Sangster's Book Store Award for outstanding performance in English Language and Literature, as well as, the MEA Dawkins Award for Student of the Year amongst others. I think having grown in a home where the principles and practices of Christ are taught, I grew up always thinking of those that are less fortunate and underprivilege and created within me a desire to see the world better, even if by my own small acts.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

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empowerment of women, other

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