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Summary of your idea

QuickTicket is a two-way travel management system that enables users check various travel agencies bus schedules, choose favorable seats, reserve or purchase travel tickets, monitor bus statuses and follow up their parcel deliveries; all online and also receive bus status and parcel delivery updates via SMS. QuickTicket also provides administrative, accounting and data analysis services to travel agencies for inter-agency co-ordination and better management. Our mission is to create the much required channel between travel agencies and travelers, enabling them conveniently schedule their travel. Also, to provide travel agencies with easy to use scheduling, administrative, accounting and data analysis services.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

QuickTicket intends to cut out the unnecessary inconvenience, time and expenses involved in displacement to and from travel agencies to find out about the availability of buses, seats, pricing, and other information related to travel and travel schedules, as well as information about the delivery status of parcels, as these travel agencies are the primary parcel delivery channels for parcels in the country.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We deploy the back-end software to travel agencies after which we launch the online platform through which users can access these travel agencies schedules real-time to make reservations and purchase tickets. We are also working on a USSD terminal. We are targeting over 20 travel agencies in Cameroon with over 94.4% of the population using public transportation, giving 20,000-30,000 average travelers daily. We shall charge a monthly subscription fee for travel agencies, 10% the price of tickets sold through our platform, per SMS sent from our system and for ads both via SMS and our platform online.

Your profile

Founded by Absalom Shu, Software Developer and IT consultant, studied Math and Computer Science at the University of Buea; and Acha Nelson, entrepreneur and Bio-medical Sciences Student at the same university. QuickTicket was named the most innovative project at the Barcamp Cameroon 2013. We are currently working with multiple travel agencies to tailor this solution to best meet their needs as well as their clients'.

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start-up stage

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youth, other: travel, transportation and tourism

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