Flower ni Ina, Milk at Egg ni ama, success ng Pamilya

Published on February 13, 2014 um 10:44

Summary of your idea

We were there because of a purpose. Last year, my team (Team WAYA), went to have our vacation at Mambukal Resort, Negros Occidental, Philippines. It is a resort similar to paradise; gifted with hot springs, rich fauna and flora and a climate suitable for relaxation. One day, we decided to climb its famous seven falls. We were amazed of its complexity and natures own way to show beauty. However, when our tour guide brought us to the secret falls, we saw the secret behind the beautiful scenery; the truth that stroked our hearts. We discovered a community living almost a thousand feet from the ground; hidden from the civilization but striving to meet the needs of the changing world. The children everyday walked downhill, along the dangerous mountain edges to attend school. No health centers within the radius. A clear example that poverty does not exist only in the ground but even in the highest places of the planet. Our approach is simple. We want to launch a project that will empower them to become the master of the four elements of this planet. Air, Water, Fire and Earth. The idea will focus on the utilization of the most abundant resources within the community and turn them into solutions. It has four phases. Phase 1 will be more on learning self and group dynamics. Phase 2 will be more on hands on and education about planting and culture of flowers and orchids by the mothers and propagation of livestock by the fathers of the participating family. Phase 3 will be on delivery of the products, evaluation and re assessment and phase 4 will be about the modification and re-boosting, strengthening of the efforts. It is best to use the element Earth which is free and vast in the area, the element Air, which is cold and very conducive to grow flowers and livestock, Water, which is free flowing from the falls and fire.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

With this project we are aiming to impact on a domino effect on the following aspects: a)empowerment of women, men and youth. We want them to become self-reliant and not merely unemployed, powerless, more so, we want them to become more knowledgeable. By doing these, we want them to reduce the poverty that they are currently experiencing by helping them to have a strong and sustainable livelihood, a sustainable partnerships and trades. If they will become successful in this project, their incomes will increase, which will yield to sufficient foods for the family and to supply the other basic needs. This project will also draw attention across the archipelago. The moment that the people will be able to develop self-reliance we can build connections and partnerships to develop the education status, health status and even the welfare of the high risk population such as the elderly, women and children. Since we will be planting and propagating animals we can also help in the preservation of our environment which is very important for the planets ecological future. By so doing these, the people of our chosen community can develop strengths which can be an asset to the society and not merely a secret society uphill, with no voice, no contribution and no culture to show, in short they will mark in history that even how diverse is their culture they can still contribute to the civilization. If development cant reach them above the mountains, the project will equip them to be able to meet the development downhill and fetch them uphill with the help of entrepreneurship and community organizing.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The process is simple. After the phase 1, which is the introduction, core group formation, orientation and training; the women will cultivate the land and plant various kinds of flowers depending on the markets demand. The demand is never ending for flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, Lirio, Dahlia, babys breath etc. more especially the national flower of the Philippines which is Sampaguita. With the possible targets as follows, the church goers who offer flowers together with their prayers. Imagine how many churches in the Philippines and in the Visayas alone. Taking consideration the religious practices and culture of the Filipinos, flowers were necessity as bread and rice. However, the main source of the flowers in the country is the Baguio city, a cold mountainous region also, located in Luzon thats why prices of flowers were expensive especially in the Visayas area, far from Baguio. The idea is that, if we can make another Baguio in our chosen community we can cut the expenses of importation, thus lowering the prices of the flowers and orchids to a minimum. Transportation is not a problem, since we have already the roll-on-roll off system. The products can be transferred easily via ships, in our case from Negros To the nearest place Iloilo in just two hours. The second target will be the wedding organizers, funeral parlors and occasion officers who can avail the flowers cheaper than the present prices. The next steps include: D) Raising cows and livestock by the father e) Harvesting of the products f) Processing of products Phase 3 a)Delivery of the products to the market b) Auditing and budgeting c) Deliberation and secondary projects prioritization/ Evaluation/ Assessment d) Opening of the eco-farm for the adventurers, Lovers and friends with various amenities in conjunction with the Mambukal Resort Phase 4 a)Re-boosting efforts- connection strengthening, exploration of partners (government and non-government)

Your profile

My dynamic team includes yours truly, a) Michael O. Dela Pena- a Nurse, who believes in change and innovation. A person with a spirit of a Phoenix and a style of a dragon fly. In our group Im the Innovator/Strategist. Together, with my team, we won the Grand Prize National Level for a project that eradicated diarrheal diseases in a community by improving their livelihood which is mussel industry. b) Alfred O. Dicto- A nurse, who believes that change, should happen inside then out; first the person then the environment. In our group, he is considered as the Community Organizer/Entrepreneur. c) Rexell Jhontino T. Ela- A nurse, who believes that everything happens for a reason. In our group, he is considered as the Rationalist d) Charibel P. De Pedro- A nurse, who believes that to create change, first is to create connections. In our group, she is considered as the Connection Specialist. e) Hanna Joy D. Dolduco- A nurse, who believes that no change can happen without communication. In our group, she is considered as the Communication Specialist. Despite our background as a nurse, with limited knowledge in business and entrepreneurship we want to impart our idea to change the lives of those committed to our care. No matter how far, no matter how high and no matter how difficult the situation is, we refuse to stay quiet. We are simple persons, who want to make big things for others; we want flowers because its a symbol of freedom, peace and change. We want livestock because its a symbol of hard work and perseverance; we want eggs and milk because its the symbol of glory, sweetness and happiness after a tiresome journey! Without flowers theres no honey, without milk theres no ice cream and if theres no egg, no chick!

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage, start-up stage , idea offered for implementation by others

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, education, health, sustainable energy, food security, poverty reduction, elderly, sustainable trade, cultural diversity , empowerment of women, youth

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