Fighting Terrorism with Weapons of Education in Pakistan.

Published on June 4, 2014 um 17:57

Summary of your idea

Pakistan, in recent years, has emerged as a country associated with terrorism as well as struck by terrorism. The nuclear powers literacy rate is below 40% which is unfortunate and alarming considering the dark-clouds of terrorism surrounding it. The objective of this Idea is to launch an educational-entrepreneurial venture to transform the Easy-Hires for Terrorism outlets into tolerant, competitive individuals. A literate and tolerant society leads towards achieving a more peaceful & global society. The entrepreneurial spirit of this educational-program is to launch itself into businesses such as ware-housing and farming in-order to minimize the dependency on aid and donations.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Underprivileged children will be provided with facilities like Libraries, Advance Learning, and Sports & Arts, the unconventional methodology of teaching and inspiring children to become the agents of change will transform them into global human beings rather social parasites. Exposure & Confidence building exercises would enable our children to compete with the best students around and that will not only have a flamboyant impact on our individuals but also on the society. Participation in Board Examinations and other extracurricular activities will indicate the success ratio of this program. The pyramid effect of this program will expand and education will win.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Premises will be acquired on lease, where Shelter, Food, Clothing, Educational Material will be made available for these poverty struck children. The implementation of-course happens to be the toughest phase and thus needs to be prepared for accordingly. A team of motivated volunteers in an effective organizational structure will carry out the operations. Initially depending on donations and charity, the program tends to launch itself into businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit to ensure a prolonged sustainability and success. Businesses like Ostrich & Cattle Farming, Poultry Keeping will be used to generate revenues to meet expenses hence less dependency on donations.

Your profile

A 29 years old Entrepreneur, Free-Lance writer, Political Activist and Educationist. Founder of SOE a Mobile School program focusing on personality development of Slum Children in Islamabad. Lack of interest in the Education Sector from Governments remain my biggest motivation to take initiative and spread Education which the foremost and basic human right.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , education, poverty reduction, youth

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