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Summary of your idea

The objective of the project is to develop a profitable and sustainable poultry rearing and bakery upon which families depend on. The end result will be to provide a steady income source to the women and girls as well as a stable stream of funding for higher learning funds. we shall conduct Needs assessment agribusiness initiatives through assessment of research currently undertaken in agri-business initiatives, and the assessment of vulnerable women and youth that can be targeted for action oriented teaching and sensitization on agri-business initiatives

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The target groups will be women and the youth in the society. These will be through creation of employment, gaining skills e.g. baking skills, marketing skills among others. The reasons for this are; 1) to bridge the gap of access to higher education 2) to enable a source of income. Through employment, the youth and women will be independent and empowered to access higher learning and skills. This project aims at Economic sustainability leading to improved better living through employment and empowerment firstly through Sustaining the economy of the rural/local people and creation of employment. for instance by establishing such small other projects in the rural areas, it will be able to create employment opportunities for unemployed youth and young mothers who are forced into early marriages, crimes, substance abuse and prostitution in my village scenario sect movements like mungiki where they extort money from hardworking men and women just to survive There will be internal monitoring and evaluation in process

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The purpose of the enterprise project is to bring empowerment and hope to the community and individuals through employment creation and support education thus boosting the economy through agri-entreprenuership I intend to Attend business workshops This will enlighten more on how to conduct businesses. An added benefit is that the workshops will provide a forum for engagement with stakeholders and other entrepreneurs to interact with and share experiences. It will also provide a forum to trade experiences and best practices resulting in improvement delivery in the products in particular the bakery. Conducting a SWOT analysis; The project intends to use the inclusive project models to obtain human resource from the community especially women and girls who will rear the chicks and feed them to maturity, collect and sell eggs to local retail and wholesale shops i.e supermarkets, other bakers, households among others. more local women and youth will be deployed to the bakery where eggs excess and not badly damaged but not good for sale shall be used in this bakery to make baked products e.g pastries, breads,cakes, cookies etc which also will be sold to retail and wholesale shops as well as individuals and households.

Your profile

Am a 24 year old Kenyan lady, Born and raised in Kiambu, Kenya to a single mother, I have always harbored ambitions of making life enjoyable. Through her mearge earnings as a receptionist, my mother managed to enroll me for a journalism course at Daystar for a journalism course though my dreams were shattered and dropped out after a year as the fees was too high to raise.I have numerous research and grant writing, red cross certificates that tell best my unique story. I believe in positivity and humbleness to make every life experience worthwhile

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , education, poverty reduction, empowerment of women, youth

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