Recycled Investment

Published on June 5, 2014 um 15:55

Summary of your idea

A bridge between private companies and excluded youth with less opportunities with a sustainable development for both sides. Companies will invest in financing training courses of creativity, communication graphic design social media and marketing skills with the usage of non formal education methods where instead of spending money on advertisements this big companies will invest in youth by financing this training courses. In return the youth will be practicing through the company products as a study case. ex.Marketing the products of the company in malls and festival. Brain storming and feedback ho to develop the products..etc

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Website for Labor Market and feedback between Companies and participants plus awards for best ideas and announcement for further job vacancies. Companies will get benefits based on the training course they invest in as outdoor marketing, new logo designs feedback and new ideas etc.. Youth will earn new skills get included and motivated to think and be creative. The unemployment will be reduced by the open bridge and online labor market between both sides and direct interactions through study visits to the companies and an observer in our training courses all documented on the webpage.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Through our NGO for national and international development POVOD in Ptuj-Slovenia which is the representative of Anna Lindh Foundation and part of Sloga network we will gather unemployed youth and make the contact with Telekom Slovenia, Lek, Talum, SiMobil .... to get the finance. Trainers will be specialized in non formal education on national and international level. Trainings will be held in our organization, so the coast will be minimized. Participants will get allowance for transport and lunch. Each training course will be planned based on the need of both. Website of the campaign will be active and updated.

Your profile

I am Samar 27 years old from Jordan. An activist in Jordan as drama teacher interactive theater and theater of oppressed to increase the awareness of woman and human rights in rural areas in Jordan including Zaatare camp for Syrian refugees and Gaza camp for Palestinians. I moved to Slovenia few months ago.The idea Recycled investment came to me after analyzing the need of Slovenian youth, Through POVOD this year and last year as well through one citizens exchange program i did in Ptuj-Slovenia.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, youth

CSR Corporate Social Responsibilities training course

ten days of activism youth campaign Jordan

Youth Inclusion.Workshop Slovenia

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