Wood-Agro Innovation (WAI)

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Summary of your idea

The main aims of my idea are (a) to dispel convention of sticking to formal employment as the only way to get an occupation. (b)foster a culture of resourcefulness and capability to maximize utilization of the available resources. (C) Bridge the gap between existing skills and their usage (practice) (d) To improve food security in the community through utilization of tried freely available farming techniques (e) Help accelerate unemployment reduction through engaging youths into free woodwork training and sustainable communal farming strategies. (f)Reduce the risk of deliberate usage of wrong chemicals so spray food crops by sensitizing the farmers about the detriment of such practices and offering them correct prescriptions. (f) Provide this idea as a working model to governments so that it helps in the crafting of efficient economic programmes. A carpentry workshop and a special farmers' market will be established. The carpentry workshop will recruit and train young people free of charge, when they have acquired relevant skills and knowledge they will be offered a basic start-up kit and guided begin their own enterprise. A learning while doing approach will be used. The unique farmers' market will need a certain fee for the farmers to use it. The farmers will get free advice through brochures, pamphlets printed in the native language etc. for enhancement of their farming practices. The innovative approach here is the usage of available skills and their reproduction through free imparting them freely. The aspect of linking unused skill and practice is also creatively resourceful. More so the intent of the idea is to break the traditional thought that acquisition of skills and knowledge is costly or the notion that a working business model requires a lot of money.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The idea targets the unemployed youths and those who graduated from training centers but have not used the skill/knowledge they acquired. The farmers market specifically seek to transform the manner in which communal farmers do their farming through careful re-arrangement of traditional methods of farming. Success will be measured by assessing the number of youths who have successfully set up their own businesses. Success will also be measured by evaluating farmers who used our free tips and see if they are getting improved yields. WAIs popularity also help in evaluating success and this may include how other communities are responding to this idea or trying to emulate it.I also expect that that the focus of this business model will influence the government to ensure that it links skilled human resource to its economic programmes and improve policy effectiveness. I also epect that youths will be encouraged to go into entrepreneurship using the little available resources. and his will build the economy from below.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Wood-Agro Innovatiom will use business cards, brochures, facebook and whatsapp profiles to mobilise customers. Social networks will provide a quick and cheap way to answer inquiries and provide a form of online catalogue. Wood-Agro Innovation will make use of the transmission of cheaply available and existing skills in order to come up with new techniques. The Carpentry workshop will thrive through selling products made by leaners under instruction.Wood-Agro Innovation will use a strategy of making durable products at a relatively low price to beat most of the bigger furniture companies which sell expensive less durable goods. Re-using planks will also an economical strategy to reduce expenses on raw materials. The Farmers markets operations will be sustained by the fees paid by farmers to use the market, the market will run its own crop fields and sell the produce. In case of low demand and high supply WAI plans to arrange a direct mobile market to the city centers thus circumventing retailers.Woodex Workshop will assist WAI with technical advice. The enterprise will start on self funds and an empowerment loan from the government.

Your profile

My name is Mike Karimazondo, aged 22. I was born in a family of six, I being the last born. My father is a farmer and a part time builder my mother (deceased) was a potter. My passion in design is influenced by my mother's pottery work. I grew up in the rural areas in which farming is a source of livelihood did my primary and secondary studies in my home town Mutoko and then moved to the capital city for advanced level. I attribute my success to God who encourages me to be faithful, bold, inquisitive, patient and compassionate. I was involved in a number of leadership roles including peer educator, Head Boy at both primary and secondary levels. During my advanced levels I was elected into the Zimbabwean Junior parliament 2010-2011. My certificates of recognition includes 1st Position in Literature in English and 1st Position Again in Communication Skills 2010-2011 and Junior Parliamentarian Certificate. I also have three certificates from HP-Life online entrepreneurship programme in Basics of Finance, Effective Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship. My disposition to make a difference in the society is influenced by the disadvantage that rural areas have as compared to towns, my wish is to improve the lives in the rural areas. I am inspired to use the least resources available to achieve even more results frugality and maximum utilisation of available resources has seen me excelling in my education. I am currently studying political Science at the University of Zimbabwe. I look forward to positively improve to socio-economic status of our society and the global village as well.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, health, food security, poverty reduction, elderly, sustainable trade, youth


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