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Summary of your idea

Fruit++ is design to help improve the health and well-being of Mankind and enhance food security while encouraging consumption of fresh non-chemically preserve/process foods. Fruit++ is a mobile fruit shop, which serve fruits -in juice, raw, or chop form- on demand fresh from the source. Fruit++ is also an enlightenment/education platform, evangelizing the consumption of fresh fruits to the people for the health benefits in it. Because we know a lot people do not eat fruits containing essential vitamins and minerals, Fruit++ takes fruits to people in a mobile fashion to improve the health of the world.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Fruit++ is fruit for healthy living idea program to reach everybody. A healthy people would bring about a healthy nation/world running into a healthy workforce for the economic and sustainable development of the world. Vitamins and Minerals consumed from fresh fruits would help build a healthy nation/workforce.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Fruit++ partners with the best group of fruit farmers for the supplies and sustainability. Our finance comes from family and friends, then moving next into entrepreneurial friendly fund angel investors. At Fruit++, we value quality in our delivery of a non-compromising chemical-free fruit service to everybody at a very affordable price, thereby serving humanity through fruits. Things needed to execute the project are; Portable van/cart: $1,500 Portable refrigerator: $500 Variety of fruits: $1,500 Toolkit (cutter, blender, twister, slicer etc.): $500 Miscellaneous: $1,000 Total: $5,000 Putting this in place for a Start, we are ready to go in a fruity way. Fruit++ is an on-the-go fruit store that process fruit into juice/chop form for everybody's consumption through a highly hygienic process and tools, thus fetching back very good return on investment.

Your profile

Am Yusuf Ayantola, a Nigerian, final year Computer Science student of Lagos State University. A 28 years old problem solver, a 'Techpreneur' in the making, also learning various different Business Management Courses. With various success records in Info Tech and Business Management professional courses. Success hungry, dreaming big always. Service to humanity is a very key aspect of my Life.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

health, food security, poverty reduction

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