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Published on June 6, 2014 um 12:29

Summary of your idea

Today, Algerian young people are the most educated and qualified generation since the independence. Nevertheless, they encounter many serious difficulties in entering in the market of work and launch theirs startups and realize theirs dreams, in country which has second largest reserves of oil in Africa. For too many of them, the transition to work is problematic and for employers the search for fresh-minded talent is an on-going battle. Despite much progress in the quality of life over the past decade, opportunities for young people to find a job are bound to the general state of the economy here and overall employment situation in the country. At the university of USTHB (Algiers) as example there are actually more than 3000 fresh graduates every year from different branches (physics, computer science ) and more than this number preparing theirs PFE (thesis), the key problem wasnt at all financial. The Algerian government offer the necessary funding for new projects proposed by fresh graduates (Ansej program), up to 30 billions dinars are given every year for this purpose, its neither about the competences and qualifications, the big portion make a big progress after few months of leaving the country, its about the processes of shaping the IDEAS, and making the transition from the world of study to the work. This critical period has all the effect on the future of the graduates, between being a simple employee or a real successful entrepreneur.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

As an active member of CSE (The Scientific Club Of ESI ) and GDG Algiers (Google Developer Group) we organize every year many competitions and Hackathons including StartupWeekend contest where participants from all over the country with different technical and communication backgrounds try to create and launch theirs startups within 54hours, they need for that many qualifications in many fields, they are mentored by many coaches of high quality, this help many participants to make theirs dreams a reality by creating operational companies and startups, these competitions are organized one time every year and are limited for less than 150 students, this cant never be enough for the need of the Algerian market, the market count currently less than 600K PME rather than 2M needed to create a real and promising economy. After visiting Costa Rica to attend the Global Youth Summit witch was organized by ITU, i asked my self why not applying the same concept of MUN (Model United Nations), anyone who has experienced MUN believes that this really improves the diplomatic, debate, communication skills and prepares for real international relations. The idea of mine is really about Why not to make business like this? why not create business simulations?, Participants involved in such simulations will face real business issues in a sphere of marketing, finance, management, HR, etc. The only difference is that they will not take responsibility for all that stuff, this will help to be more courageous even to make mistakes and be offensive. we can accomplish that using crowdsourcing concept to share ideas and comment existing one.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

What i suggest exactly is to gather students, entrepreneurs in one place, one platform in order to make a model of one business enterprise. Each participant will have its own business position (marketing specialist, financial manager, accountant). Each participant will be provided with guidelines and regulations before the simulation starts. Some simulations are paid and others for free, they will be regulated and monitored by several business specialists that will sometimes give advice to participants if they wish. In the beginning of business simulation there will be given one business enterprise and situation in it and participants should discuss, debate and give their own opinion on how to develop the company. Each idea will be assessed by the coordinators and voted by the participants themselves. In the end, there will be winners with the highest marks, but the idea of the business model is not the victory, but the knowledge and experience that participants can gain throughout the several hours, those winners will get an official support for the founding and getting the necessary funding from the government (Ansej), and contribute to the success of the startup where we will get a part of revenues in return.

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Kacem BOUKRAA, student at The Higher National School Of Computer Engineering ESI, in The Third year, Active Member Webmaster SMC Organizer at GDG Algiers, Co-Fonder, Hosting manager of DZSoft Technology, Algiers, the first prize in Lean Step Up Competition. My personal Facebook page:

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conceptual stage

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