Make a Smile - Faça um Sorriso

Published on February 14, 2014 um 17:18

Summary of your idea

Our idea is that in every school there is a group that retract in their own home recyclable materials and bring them to school. This group will be formed by students that had some problem at school, such as: low grades and made bullying with another student. At school they are going to do objects, these objects are our maker smiles, because they are going to hospitals, asylums, poor people or any place where the people are suffering by some problems. When the students are doing this work, they can learn a bit about the place and make the most important thing of this idea: make somebody happy by giving things made of recyclable materials.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This idea can give a destiny to thousands of recyclable materials that the people throw in the trash, because sometimes the city doesnt have a appropriate space to use recyclable materials. In the same time, this is going to make the students see the punishment as an opportunity to recycle, create and rethink about your actions at school. The principal goals are: make hundreds of groups by mobilizing schools; use recyclable materials at confection; bring happiness where the people are needing.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The plans for implementation is very simple, the schools just have to create groups to do it. By the creation of these groups, the community will be helped by those students that had low grades or had some problem with bullying. For do it the school doesnt need spend money, because the materials will be taking at homes and other places. For this idea speed beyond the local reach is simple, works like an exponential project, where the schools are going to implant. For example, here, in Brazil, we have a lot of GREs, those are groups of schools. At USA, we have the Districts. So, those groups or districts have to encourage the schools to adopt this idea. By the way, we have started to do it here at Pernambuco, Brazil.

Your profile

Im Lucas. I have 17 years old. Im the leader of Make a Smile Group. I was young congressman at Brazil. Our group was create for bring back a simple smile to the people that need it. Our motivations are: Make a better world to live; bring happiness; use recyclable materials; enjoy the time with the people that we help; give a second chance to students thing about your actions. I believe that we are kind a small organization that every single day is looking for a better world.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, education, youth

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