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Published on June 10, 2014 um 11:32

Summary of your idea

This projects aims at establishing organic vegetable gardens using compost and gunny bags in urban residential settings. Many people living in these areas are too busy to set a small garden and also the space for such is limited.Secondly they buy their vegetables from open air markets oblivious of the dangers they expose themselves into.The fresh looking greens might have been grown from water contaminated with industrial wastes and sewerage. Strong metals such as chromium,mercury and lead will find their way through the food chain causing a health calamity. Therefore these gardens will save the people from such related predicaments.The project will use locally recyclable materials hence reducing production costs. The youths who are mainly jobless will be involved in making of these gardens hence promoting community development. Gunny bags will be used to grow the crops. One of them will be able to hold up to 60 plants depending on the plant type. Much emphasis will be put into indigenous vegetables such as blacknightshade and spider herb for their high levels of nutrients. Others like kales,spinach and tomatoes will also be involved. The main essence of the project is to improve health of consumers,environmental conservation and youth employment.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This project will bring enormous change to our communities since the youth who are largely jobless will be involved in making of the gardens hence this will provide employment for them. The resultant effect will bring down lawlessness in the society as the youths will be busy. The resources used are locally available and friendly to Mother Nature hence will conserve water helping the environment. The projects will also bring a revolution on the old system of farming in that you will not require a piece of land to grow them. Space and time is highly considered. Growing these crops this way will help curb many ailments caused by consumption of these strong metals hence improving our health. Therefore for better healthy body the project will assist many who may wish to achieve their endeavors expeditiously.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The business is expected to grow through outsourcing revenue from my personal and individual contributions, loans from micro finances and well wishers. It will involve youths who are jobless and more so the available local resources will be highly used to sustain the business,This will include recycling of waste to make compost and using gunny bags to fill the soil.Such waste will be gotten from garbage collected in these homes. A plan wil be developed to educate and involve other major residential places on how to live a healthy life. More so value addition education will be pfovided for free. The revenue collected will be used to pay the young people involved and also to extend our market.

Your profile

Am faleri Gikahu aged 24 years and a third born in a family of 2 boys and 2 girls. Am from Kikuyu town in Kenya,having a diploma in bio intensive agriculture and currently pursuing a diploma in occupational therapy from kenya medical training college. I come from a community that value farming very much and also the people have very little farms therefore that motivated me to come up with an idea to help them get enough using minimum inputs.I love practicing organic and sustainable farming which poses the answer to food shortage in Africa.My Agricultural school awarded me as being the best student and paid my 2nd year of study fees so i feel i need to offer a helping hand to people facing problems that can be solved. I have been helping farmers on how to make use of the available resources through sustainable farming techniquees. I beleve that if we have visions we can end hunger in Africa and stop relying on other countries for aid. Am highly impressed by Israel for their wonderful agricultural prowess despite the country having scarce resources. Unlike us they have been able to put their policies right and we can do the same. I hope to visit them and bring back the secret.The late Wangari maathai said, ' It is the small things that we do that make a big difference in us'. This project is my small thing which can make a big difference. Alluta continua!

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health, youth




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