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Summary of your idea

eNewLeaf is an idea for a secondhand textbook scheme for use in schools but with the modern twist of being based on a digital platform. Its objective is to provide a vastly improved secondhand textbook service to schools by using the internet to create platform in the form of a website instead of the traditional textbook stall. The site would be used by the community, whereupon students have an individual login and can choose to sell back their unwanted textbooks from the previous year and/or buy new and discounted textbooks for the coming year. Buy and sell requests received to the eNewLeaf system would be tabulated and matches made between seller and buyer students. All monetary transactions would be done through the website using a secure third party (e.g Paypal) in advance with the physical transactions taking place at the end of the school year (when textbooks are no longer needed). A profit would be made on the difference between the price unwanted textbooks are bought back and how much the textbooks are then sold for. eNewLeaf improves upon existing systems by: - Reducing operational costs (No rent, fewer staff employed) - Reducing textbook prices for students (Students earn back some of the cost of the new textbook by re-selling or buying a discounted secondhand one) - Allowing a wider network to be created (Linking multiple schools in an area improves matching for supply and demand) - Saving space and improving organization (No physical textbook storage area needed; money deposited in-advance; teachers are notified about the number of participants in advance so that they can adjust book orders accordingly) - Creating a monetary incentive for students to re-use textbooks

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

eNewLeaf would impact sustainable development by: - Reducing deforestation & pollution (through reducing demand for new textbooks) - Reducing energy & transportation cost of textbooks (both for new books being ordered and old books being disposed of) - Increasing student awareness about recycling - Encouraging inter-school co-operation within each given area - Providing more affordable learning materials to students Successes in these areas can be evaluated by measuring the: - Number of books sold back instead of thrown away - Number of secondhand textbooks bought instead of new textbooks - Money saved by students (compared to buying a new textbook or throwing away old books) - Overall profit generated by the scheme

Plans for implementation and sustainability

eNewLeaf would be implemented by first creating the appropriate website platform. The platform must involve capabilities for students to login then link their individual account to a payment method. When implementing eNewLeaf, it must be ensured that schools are involved and endorse the website to students and parents. Finances would be required to fund: - Creation of the website platform - A temporary stall (physical presence) in the school for the 2 weeks of the physical exchange process. - (optional) advertisement to schools and pupils in the chosen area Collaborators would include myself and a handpicked team of eco-enthusiasts from my school who believe in the eNewLeaf project. The team would have an emphasis of students adept at marketing/communications as well as those with an enthusiasm for new technology and website creation/computer science. Because the financing requirements for this project are quite low, I would propose that it obtains funding from grant and scholarship type sources available through the internet. This eliminates the drawback of paying interest and having to repay the money (as would happen in the case of bank loan funding).

Your profile

I am a 16 year old studying at secondary school in the UK. I went to school in the USA for 8 years before coming to the UK and experienced the different cultures and methods employed for textbook exchange/recycling. As a student, I feel that I have a great advantage in running a scheme such as eNewLeaf because I have personal and current experience with the school system and interactions with peers (the to-be customers). I have a more in field view of the target audience which should be insightful in helping to tailor this service to students. I have always been fascinated by nature. As Ive grown older and learnt more about humans negative impacts on the environment Ive developed a strong sense of responsibility towards protecting it. Upon coming to the UK, I was shocked that my large school did not have any book-recycling scheme. I began to accumulate many textbooks at home since I refused to throw them away. I also noticed that others had the same problems as I did and some complained that the price of buying new textbooks every year were very expensive. Experience: I have started and organised a few enterprises within school. Most recently, I organised a movie screening which raised £2000 for charity. I also created a website to help students with foreign language oral exams. Organisational skills and commitment to any project I undertake are key qualities contributing to my success. I find the prospect of harnessing modern technology a promising way to help reduce waste and protect the environment. I believe this venture has a high chance of success because it is not overly ambitious, yet has huge room for future expansion and growth.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, education, youth

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