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Published on June 9, 2014 um 14:28

Summary of your idea

After the war ended in Sierra Leone, there has been a lot of strides done by both state and international actors to empower disadvantaged women to become self reliant and empowered. One smart way this has been done is through different micro credits schemes and training benefits given to women to start up small businesses and become entrepreneurs. Many women organizations as well as individual women in Sierra Leone have taken a lot of micro credits from NGOs and INGOs in an effort for them to begin small businesses such as vegetable gardening, gara- tie -dying, hair dressing, rice farming and many other small business ventures. However, their enthusiasm to promote their business and use it to sustain themselves and their families is extremely difficult. Because of the lack of advertisement and marketing, most women's businesses do not develop pass the start up stage in Sierra Leone. Since there is no efficient public relations through marketing and advertisement, most vibrant entrepreneurship ideas and small businesses designed to fight poverty and empower women in Sierra Leone do not succeed. As a respond to this problem, Queens FM will be the first womens community profit and nonprofit low power FM radio station that will be run and operated by marginalized women to promote business products of other community disadvantaged women entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone starting with my home town of Kenema.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

With queens FM, marginalized women who are engaged in entrepreneurship ventures to end poverty in their family will have a medium for free advertisement and promotion of their products to the community that will enable more sales of their product and maximization of profit. Also queens FM will empower disadvantage women by training them to become radio broadcasters and journalists and be able to raise awareness on women empowerment and other development issues in their communities. Women working with Queens FM will be able to make a living by getting salary from the income generated by the FM radio station through other commercial advertisement, organizing of shows paid discussion programs and selling of announcement forms to the public. In essence, Queens FM will not only empower women to empower other women but will serve as complementary asset in other areas of sustainable development. For example, through designing of programs, Queens FM will be able to responsibly sensitize and raise awareness on issues of climate change, hygiene and health, best farming practices, girl child education and other radio programs that will benefit not only women and girls but everyone in their communities.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

At the moment Queens FM idea is at the transition stage for implementation. It is partnering with a women organization called NEMAKOI in Eastern Region of Sierra Leone, and hopes to successfully established a partnership with a BBC sponsored and Netherland sponsored Community Radio station called Eastern Radio in Sierra Leone that will provide technical support to set up the radio station as well as training of women workers. Queens FM also has extended a partnership request to Global Press Institute in order for them to help with professional consultancy in women journalism as well as exchange of experience in women press movement in developing world. What we need now is an economic capital to acquire the components that will be needed to set up the studio and transmission of the low power FM station. The following are the range of capital that will needed to acquire equipment packages for main studio, a production studio and a transmitting facility at minimal, economy and moderate budget levels. A) Minimal Cost : $9,380 B) Economy Cost : $16,080 C) Moderate Cost: $26,040 Once the FM station is set up, it will be self sustaining as income will be generated from selling of greeting cards, obituary and general announcements, advertisement from commercial companies, organizing of fund raising shows. The income generated will be used to pay salary to a maximum number of 10 women staff for a start, run free product promotion for marginalized women entrepreneurs in the Kenema community. In five years projection, Queens FM hope to expand its coverage from that of Kenema town and its immediate environs to other similar cosmopolitan cities such as Bo in the South, Makeni in North and Freetown in West of Sierra Leone.

Your profile

I am Sierra Leonean international student studying in the United States at St.Olaf College. Growing up in a female household, I became exposed to the problems of marginalization and dis-empowerment of women in my community. I headed a lot of youth organizations to make a positive difference for women, children and youth in my community. As a United World College alumnus, I have experience in both international and local charity project work. With my experience that charity creates social and economic dependency, I am now interested in social and business entrepreneurship ventures for sustainable development in my community.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, education, health, food security, poverty reduction, elderly, sustainable trade, cultural diversity , empowerment of women, youth

presenting in my college FM station

Doing chairty work by stacking books on book shelves of a renovated library in the Leonard Cheshire Freetown School for Diabled Children

Doing fund raising for Save the Future Generation -Nordic, Red Cross Nordic United World College, in the streets of Bergen, Norway. (I am third person from the right)

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