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Summary of your idea

my idea is about electric&non-polluting vehicles,through which i wanted to generate required energy and want make my earth pollution free up to the possible extent starting with a city,district,state and nation and so on.this includes conversion of used fueled vehicles to e-carts at lower costs.we are using the fueled vehicles for minor works too,like for bring children to schools and for many works.but these things are going in polluting and unsafe way.so, i want to promote safety,and non polluting e-carts into this world.we can buy the used vehicles for lesser cost and can convert them to e-carts and can sell them to custmers at a reasonable prices. in my region people depends on rickshaws and those are mostly aged 45-60 years old.so i wanted to convert those as e-carts and make my E-CARTS as a E-VEHICLE DESIGNING,MANUFACTURING AND LOCAL TRANSPORT COMPANY.this will help them financially and create a good impression for company.can improve the number of jobs for unemployed ones.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

if this idea is implemented we can reduce the usage of fueled vehicles and reduce pollution.we can raise jobs and can make best researches for the best transports.it shows impact on thing like reducing poverty,improving jobs,education and even peace-building.the health of people can also be improved.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This business idea is my interest in the field of automobiles and environment and social enterprise. At the 1st stage of business the parts required are bought from other firms and assemble in the e-carts workshop. the main frames i.e cycles,bikes,rickshaws are bought at a low cost. these are made to e-vehicles. the rickshaws which turned to e-vehicles are used for local transportation.this will fund the company. as i said that the rickshaw drivers here are old aged and some poor people,this will be help them financially as the company recruit them as drivers. by this way the pollution also decreased to some extent that i believe.this system will be like a cabs system in cities. the e-cycles,bikes released in to the market first in one city.these modes at lower cost and good performance attract youth and people as had a good concern for pollution and its effects at present times. after reaching a good stage of profit and name we can start our own manufacturing. this due time between starting and reaching good profitable stage we perform experiments and research to achieve pollution free and effective vehicles and models which can make the company to stand at top position. by making this idea to reality as a company of my dream i can able to provide jobs to many and can decrease poverty and pollution. i can surely say that the company will be in a profitable and top position in a few years and we should be able to take the e-carts importance to people by awaking them and advertizing the truth. this idea is based on social enterprise in which i have belief of development of myself and my society.

Your profile

my name is SAIKRISHNA.i am 22 years old ambitious guy and studied engineering to serve my society in possible way.i want to contribute something useful thing to my society.i want to dare to do so with the trust in my soul and ideology.i want to make my business as a social entrepreneurship.i wish i get better support and can improve my societies status raised with me.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage, start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, education, health, sustainable energy, poverty reduction, elderly, youth

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