Past Food Now - Empowering Women and Preserving Traditional Snack

Published on June 10, 2014 um 11:02

Summary of your idea

In Indonesia, snack is dominated with bakery. Almost no room for traditional snack on these field. Traditional snack can be miserably found at traditional market which have minimum packaging and display. Past-Food Now is traditional snack store with modern system operating procedure. Making it can be a way to preserve and raising traditional snacks value. It has two major selling way, 1. Display traditional snack on the store daily and 2. Snack catering for events (priority). Almost Indonesian lunch and snack for events such as conference and workshop, serve on boxes. Unlike buffet catering, box catering need less display space and easy to organize. Past-food Now catering personalize menu that will fit consumer taste bud and budget. The menu based on consumer choose or budget per box (we choose the menu). People rather bakery product because traditional snack is lack in processing and packaging, so it has short life storage and looks unsafety. Improving process and packaging will be our priority to increase its value. Packaging and distributing will be our major activity. We planning to empower people who live around us (especially women) to produce the snack. Almost women in village only being a housewife and their husband work as labor who paid low monthly. Producing snack at home will give them another income. I want to build a village of skillful women in making traditional snack. Another advantage is that we wont need to build a factory. If catering order explode we dont have to worry because using household will be easier to raising the production rate than factory which has limited production rate. Theres will be a lot of household who will share to fill the order and if it cant fill the order, we can ask for another household on another village.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our target is all event such as wedding party or events. All this time, there never been store that personalize snack like this. All I can see is bakery store that give service like this. People who have an event such a workshop or wedding party force to buy from bakery or made traditional snack by themselves. Nowadays, people who can made traditional snack is decreasing. With simple order trend, I am sure a lot people in town will choose to buy than make snack by themselves because they dont have enough time to make it so they will use catering. Being the first store will make ours stand out with less competition. Our hygiene and modern packaging is our most valuable that sold on the product. Gain people trust about traditional snack safety is the most important to get customer loyalty. Food is part of a culture that weve to preserve. Raising up again traditional snack popularity is on this store goal. As the store going, it will also help decreasing poverty number by empowering women in small village. I hope we can make our village as a model village that women can give contribution to help family economically. Making snack at home wont make them forget their duty as a housewife. This business will make their time more effective by filling their free time to make money. Not only in my village and town, I want to make branches in other town by building another traditional snack village and empowering women as much as I can. Each town have their own special food, itll be more interesting if we can find a way to make it have more lifetime storage so each store in each town can display another traditional food from another town.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Before starting this business, it will need some course to educate the villager. Housewife with cooking daily activity will have no problem to learn how to make the snack. The only thing that have to be concern is hygiene on processing and packaging. Hygiene will be monitored weekly as standard to continue being our producer. Hygiene can affect life storage and appearance. As raising value of traditional snack, we will concern the packaging because appearance is best way to convince customer about its safety and taste. As starting point, we will open our store with limited daily production. We will pointing at events catering order, so the daily store just like a sample and daily income. First year will be hardworking phase to introduce our store. We will make a big move in advertising by using flyer and advertisement board. Production will be conducted at home, with fresh product displayed daily. Store will open in early morning with approximately 200 pieces per type snack. When it sold out, we will produce again and display it directly so there will be fresh product. I assume there will be two time production to fill morning-day event and evening-night even. Day production will keep quality for night event. Financial source will be need for renting and store decorating. Decorating will cost a lot to keep low room temperature and hygiene display. Bank or government loan will be our first choice. As for production, each product will cost by producer. As distributor and organizer, there will be no investment on production. We pay for each sold pieces, not buy all displayed snack. Organizing how much production rate to reduce lost risk is our duty, so producer wont get lost.

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The team consist of two undergraduate girls from different major at Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia. My name is Nur Hikmah Wirda Amna (24 years old) from food technology major and my partner is Siti Baroroh (21 years old) from Regional Development major. We live in the same boarding house but our partnership begun on traditional snack business. At first, we sold traditional snack at our own faculty. We bought the snack on traditional market, but after a month we found out that the producer are some family that live in our boardinghouse neighborhood. And then we starting bought the snack directly from producer because it was much cheaper. Our friends frequently ask for help to personalize snack for some event, because they dont know how to buy traditional snack. We saw this as a business opportunity and decided to build a small catering called BRRs SNACK. We personalize snack for student events at campus. Our first step is making a digital flyer and then publish it via Just in a month, we had 16 orders to fill. We have no investment at all in this catering because every need is already covered by half payment from each order. From the very beginning, we only thought about money to support our life. But in the end, the producer themselves also need us. With our partnership, they can enhance their income. We realize that we are supporting each other life. While hoping we can start business like this again when we graduate in our hometown, we also hope that we can inspire another student in developing country to start small business. There are a lot ways to build small business without investment. Not only support our own life but also can help people around us. Vote us if you like it!

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planning stage

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poverty reduction, cultural diversity , empowerment of women


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