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Summary of your idea

We Humans are the most prized possession of the earth. We are the most intelligent social life forms of all and are recognized by other living forms only because of humanity. It is that property of us that gives us the name human. Yes, the term humanity must have been coined after the word human was known but it is definitely humanity that made us capable for that. God might have made us the supreme to definitely take some responsibilities like taking care of other living things, the nature, and the environment we live in and also humans to stay human. If we look back at our past we would definitely see that we havent been taken any of the above mentioned responsibilities at all. We have divided our people by castes, races and fought with our own men, made weapons and killed them and exponentially more. We have created only hate and fear around us. If we dont stop felling trees we will stop breathing, if we dont stop terrorism then we will die soon from a terrorist attack, if we dont choose the right politicians we will soon lose our living needs in our own country, if we dont stop following castes and races we will soon be a victim and will lose life in a fight. We should realize that we humans are losing our humanity. Let us take some initiative which should help our people how to treat and travel with our global mate. The real strength that we humans have got is our observational as well as experimental mind. With this mind we have to destroy the selfish living and to understand our global mates thoughts, needs and feelings. Cant we produce the good society, better environment, and best citizens with this mind?

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The denial of humanity nature not only is an individual and personal tragedy, but also creates conditions of social, political and environmental unrest. We should conduct thematic studies on such issues as religious intolerance, racism, discrimination of children and women, violence, deforestation and damaging earth. By this everyone will come to know about our social living structure. Once if they get to know the effects of inhuman activity, then they will really feel sorry for what they have done wrong to this society, to his\her global mate, to this nature and to their living environment. Let us believe that this initiative will make people realize about their real nature duty to do for this environment from where they are getting their life .Once if they realized then on one day or other everyone will start love our earth (world) which has given this precious life and will lead a meaningful life to give back something good to this world. This idea is not to change the basic natural behavior or character of the people but to design their living structure with great understanding of their basic kindness towards humankind and nature. The inhumanity of man towards man and nature is our greatest sin. To avoid this we have to focus our strengths on tending and befriending others, which should make us understand, feel and develop humanitarianism. Human beings should ensure that they not only use qualities such as intelligence, talent and conscience but also humanity to understand the worth of everything in the world and live with each other.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

MOTIVATION: I'm running an NGO to help physically and mentally challenged persons, when I started work for it I realized that we humans are losing our humanity. This has induced me to coin this idea to form a organization for "developing Man's humanity". FUNDING: I can start this as a private NGO by self-funding. But I want this to be started by the ministry of human resources development of the government funded by planning commission of the nation. WORK MODEL: To develop the mans humanity 1) we have to make people to feel this humanity, we should make this by creating awareness about our irresponsibility act towards our society and their impacts. Especially, how the people themselves have lost their humanitarianism. It includes creating positive mind to increase the helping tendency of people & understand what the mans inhumanity behavior has done to this society. 2) Secondly, to develop this human nature, to do this we should start a youth fellowship program to make the young nationalists to travel to different parts of the country to experience the real scenario of our inhuman bio-social environment. This systematic plan will make the youths to use his/her entire potential to work for the social empowerment. Also giving practical exposure will give opportunity and space for them to work for the real needy and affected people, which in turn also develop their humanity stronger. As a result the center will feel proud that it has made good citizens to their nation, and the candidate will feel that he/she has become a real human to give his\her life to this society.

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I'm Manokarthi Somasundaram a 25 year Indian, studied Instrumentation Engineering and worked for Indian Space Agency (ISRO) as Engineer trainee. Currently, running an NGO to help for physically and mentally challenged persons. I went to kennedy school (Christian convent) and was school topper in the SSLC examinations. Achievements:I was the student chairman of the RADEINT association in college and conducted national level technical symposium. Im also a general member of All India Human Rights Association. The inspiration for my idea came from the belief that young people have the potential to change this world if they develop their humanity! What motivates me for NATIONAL CENTER FOR HUMANITY DEVELOPMENT is that when I started to work for the physically and mentally challenged individuals through my NGO I realized that we humans are losing our humanity; it has been a huge social problem for the entire mankind and therefore requires development of human nature. It is time to realize our mistakes that we have done to our fellow human beings, the nature and the society we live in. We all well know there have been millions with different such article trying to sight the worse we have doing but let this be one more as I want to declare that I am in for a change. And I want everyone to take pledge that we wont bias people of their cast, we wont give chances to terrorists, we will do justice in our environment at best of our power, we will take care of the environment we live in, we will take care of the nature and nurture living things and will treat and help every person we meet with utmost humbleness and shall try our best to spread peace.

National Center for Humanity Development

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, idea offered for implementation by others

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, education, empowerment of women, youth

manokarthi somasundaram

Developing Man's Humanity

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With very high hope , I have opened up this idea to develop the man's humanity nature.What really motivated me to coin this idea is when I started work for helping physically, mentally challenged individuals, poor children and aged people I realized that we humans are losing humanity.So, I thought that why can't we try a sight line to make our young generation to feel their humanitarian sense and to develop the same by making them to do their real social duty.When it is to be started , we have to design its theme to make it function big to achieve our goal.To fulfill the mission we have to use the entire potential of the youth to work for the social empowerment and this in turn will result a complete human being, who will come to know his / her own social responsibility, involve in peace building,respect and treat everyone equally, become aware of worth of life and live with each other, love nature, protect our globe etc.,
I hope you friends will agree with me and if u like my idea then vote for it...Really looking up to everyone of you to support me

June 17, 2014 08:12

I have just voted for your idea my voting number is 28.

June 12, 2014 16:13

My idea is to make a huge impact on our social forms, so if u people really like my idea then please vote for it...