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Summary of your idea

5knairamall is visioned to be an online shopping mall with a physical presence. Its main aim is to make available to the public, items that matters most for a fixed price of N5000 (five thousand Naira Nigerian Currency) or lesser. Items Ranges from House hold, Gadgets, Accessories, Fresh cold, Cloths and lots more.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This Idea is expected to change the way people spend money on regular items, especially same unique items for less or a fixed price. Its Expected to pose a cheaper and best alternative for many. Its Success will Provide Employment for many unemployed Youth through its innovations. We Aim to be Biggest online shopping mall in Nigeria.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

A website is almost completed for this purpose, registration of Business name is very eminent and Currently being financed by me. I have already registered with other sites where i intend buying items from (Amazon, Ebay, 10dollarmall.. and many more). I have done some demo shopping as well. I also have contacted local producers of items who intend to show case their items on my websites as well.

Your profile

My name is Ese Paul Omaruaye, A BSc Holder in Computer Science/Mathematics. I will be 29 years old by 25th September 2014. I love to shop online. Its simplicity i want to transform into what others could benefits from. The Passion of making something out of what I love to do. Its a success, if you ask me what will be the out come.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , environment, education, health, sustainable energy, food security, poverty reduction, elderly, sustainable trade, cultural diversity , empowerment of women, youth, other: pets

First Shipment for 5knairamall

Inside Shipment

Items Spread on the floor

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