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Published on June 24, 2014 um 11:27

Summary of your idea

Noble is more than a clothing brand, it is a spirited concept. It incorporates the power of 3 symbols and special quotes woven into the garment. This initiative strives to encourage the growth of a generation intelectually and spiritually competent enough to employ the use of a wisdom that unlocks the answers to a progressive yet peaceful existence. For example, in visiting our past we can find individuals who passionately devoted their lives to share a vision, hope and enlightenment despite the brutish and often barbaric resistance they faced. Pres. A. Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Pres. John. F kennedy and Jesus Christ. Four men whose charcacters possess the qualities this brand urges its bearers too develop. Logos symbol and meaning** The Sun: May you carry the qualities of a fierce spirit. Have no one successfully conceal, shadow or contain the makings of you. The Star: The light in you that endures the distance, conquering and overcoming any and all obstacles. We all possess it in some form or another, having us stand out and be distinct, and finally the Moon: For the dreamer of our day, I beg you, with right and good by your side, dream, dream, dream, for it is in the conversion of dreams that great things came to pass. Quote Positionings** (See diagram) Top rectangle of shirt pocket. (figure 6) Running on beading on inner collar or under collar. (Figure 3) Straps of hoodie *not displayed* Circumference of shirt pocket. (Figure 6) Quotes. A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. ~Tenneva Jorda If you wish to be brothers, drop your weapons. ~Pope John Paul II It isnt what they say about you, its what they whisper. ~Errol Flynn. Love is friendship set on fire.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Sustainable development means the present generation achieving their developmental needs and goals without compromising the lives of the generation to come, consider the fact that assembling such clothing necessesates human skill and would have little or no need for harmful emmisions compared to a factory based initiative needing mechanics to produce. On another level consider that the initiative may influence the perspective mother, aiding her in fully realizing the magnitude of her responsibilities being given the gift of motherhood. The choices she makes in choosing a partner may be a factor that influences the quality of life of the offspring that may occur as a result of a union. Consider the young adolescent about to face the trials of young adulthood. A quote may speak to him, offering guidance and encouragement with quotes which help to shed light in the maize of life while possibly filling the gap left by the absentee parent. In essence, as a young adult, the life choices he makes automatically affects his social and economic status and as a result alters the direction of his life and his ability to provide and protect his family. Finally a graph depicting the sales consistency over a six month period would gauge the markets reaction to the initiative along with a Facebook connection, giving visitors of the web page the option to Like the said page. The target would be set to one thousand likes within a one month period.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The franchise will have an online presence allowing visitors to peruse the types of quotes already in use by the brand, by having a breakdown system arranging quotes by category: Success Chariot: quotes offering direction on the road to success, The Fierce Female: offering quotes to empower young women, Mothers Advice: Relationshp advice for a male, Fathers Advice: relationship advice for a female, and A Guide To Greatness: quotes compelling the reader to reach beyond anything simple. The site should allow for a column that aids the viewer to search by quote placement, jersey style and color, logo color, logo location and size. The concept can be advertised in a slow motioned video with a storyline narrated with the symbol meanings, depicted as follows. Male in elegant black suit stands at the doorstep of middle class house, *ground shakes but nothing else moves*, he confidently still steps into house, walks to first room and opens door witnessing a mother presenting a son with a book, Man smiles*ground tilts but nothing else in room moves* he stumbles into adjoining room to see a male tennager seated a respectable distance from a female teenager both studying, he steps closer and stoops between the two *male teenagers cell phone vibrates* *females voice says, Club with me*, teenagers exchange glances, female smiles as her eyes return to her book she whispers,chemistry or club, your choice. Man in suit smiles, stands and backs away* ground shakes with more force he wakes seated in cabin of plane, hand in hand with female who was studying *plane gives similar rumble and tilts revealing the Noble Logo on its bottom*. The platform Id like to have launch the endevour however is by any already established clothing establishment.

Your profile

My name is Oral David, the second of two children. I was raised in a humble conservative household where education, pride and respect were seen as basic. As a youngster my father encouraged healthy discourse even in defending ones self after wrong doing, but none the less discipline was still instilled afterward. Not having a willing sibling or environment that would accomodate an average boys cravings for play I was left to my room and my thoughts, which ultimately became my home in my home. In my adolescent years I observed that the one aim of most ambitious men was to achieve success in an early an age as possible and seeing my father, the person who I most admire, achieve this and a sister who with finess accomplished the same, my competitive spirit took hold, encouraging me to not only make them proud but also make them smile in process. My first job was as a stores clerk at a fast food service. Some necessary duties envolved acquiring and packing goods where I still have vivid memories of stacking pounds of frozen chicken into the company freezer. I left after one year due to seeing very little hope for upward mobility. My second endevour was a growing private enterprise who were at the time seeking persons as customer service representatives. After two years I became the supervisor of a senior department but was faced with a dilemma of having to cancel plans of pursuing Tertiary Education or risk Demotion. The choice was simple. I am blessed to be in my second year of employment as an Immigration Officer. A job title which is far and wide considered one of the most prestigious carreer paths in Guyana and about to persue studies in International Relations at our National University.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, idea offered for implementation by others

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , education, youth, other:

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