'Saving face'-A platform to support the acid-attack victims

Published on June 10, 2014 um 11:28

Summary of your idea

The main objective behind this idea is to support the victims of acid attack. The idea is to have a social networking site where the victims of acid attack can fill the form indicating the place where they have been attacked, the intensity level, nationality and the money they want to get treatment/operation etc. This website will enable others to view their forms and to donate them money in order to support them. This is an innovative approach in order to improve the status of women in the developing nations like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan etc. where hundreds of girls and women suffer from this hideous attack. This will be a way to help support the poor girls/women who cannot afford the treatments and have to live with the scars forever.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This idea will provide support to the girls and women. Success of this idea can be evaluated by seeing how many people visit the website everyday(the traffic). The number of women who have received help, the success stories, the number of likes we have got on Facebook page. The target should be to at least support 50 women in the first year of this website launch.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Business model: There will be a social networking site developed. Since its basic purpose is to help the victims of this attack, it is not a profit making idea. However this will require financiers so that we can advertise about this on other websites. Also we can collaborate with Deplex Smile Again Foundation which is run by Mussarat Misbah who also works to help jobs to the women who have become victims of acid-attack. But because it is just an idea in an initial stage so I havent asked the financiers. Because this is a main issue in Pakistan and other developing countries so I am optimistic that a lot of people will be willing to finance this idea. It can also be advertised on Television channels initially in order to raise awareness and to encourage people to donate money.

Your profile

My name is Mehak and I am 18 years old. I am a student in my second year of university studying accounting in finance. My nationality is Pakistani and because I am seen a lot of women whose lives have been destroyed because of this attack, this motivated me to make a website in order to help them. Ever since my childhood I have always wanted to do something good for my society which has encouraged me to participate in the entrepreneurship competitions.This idea of supporting the acid attack victims will in some way try to empower women. In countries like Pakistan, acid attack are very common for ex if a man likes a girl and she refuses to marry so he throws acid on her. By doing this she has to suffer her entire life. Hence this platform will try to lessen their pain and grief. After completing my graduation, I will work in order to turn this idea into reality.

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conceptual stage

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empowerment of women, other: supporting victims of acid attack

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Good oone

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Impressive! Good effort mehak
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Its a pretty good idea and i liked it very much. I have voted for it as well. Nice work Mehak

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sure and thanks for voting!! plz tell others to vote for my idea as well.

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i have done voting for your idea. now your vote from zero to 1. best of luck. i am from india.please vote for my idea.