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Summary of your idea

The combination of natural fibres + natural scents (the Flora and Fauna of the Caribbean) = ECO SCENT FABRIC. Wear your stress away CLOTHING THAT CURES. Eco scent fabric is the infusion of natural scents, with varied Skin Care, Therapeutic and/or Pharmaceutical benefits into the walls of the natural fabric. Employing the concept of the patch, the Eco scented garment will be lined in the inner wall of the fabric. Envision wearing a garment made from Eco scented Fabric, be it: Floral (stress reducer), Lavender (Calming and Relaxing Agent), Hemp (for glaucoma), Chamomile (Anxiety Soother, Digestion Assistant), Coconut (Slow Heart and Reduces Blood Pressure) and/or Sandalwood (Assist in Meditation). Eco scented fabric offers an eco-conscious humanity, an eco-friendly alternative to Skin Care, Therapeutic and/or Medicinal needs and lifestyle, by proposing new health conscious, less monotonous and burdensome way of life, with the ability to eradicate the need for oral medicinal intake and dietetics having to infect ones self daily. Based in Trinidad and Tobago Eco scented fabric is a fabric created from natural fibres infused with scents with Skin Care, Therapeutic and/or Pharmaceutical benefits with future recommendations to explore and develop alternative fibres synonymous to the Caribbean such as fabric made from the coconut trees thereby fostering sustainable development.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The intended target is the Creative Industry whereby Eco scent fabric will be produced at an affordable price (such as with Olive Oil in Italy), with future recommendations to develop an Eco scented fabric created in the Caribbean from the fibres made from the coconut trees as coconut branches and other parts, are used in the Caribbean to make brooms and weave basket why not fabric. The anticipated outcome would be the creation of a sophisticated, efficient and knowledgeable society trained in the overall manufacturing and general usage, care and maintenance of Eco scent fabrics and by extension garments thereby ensuring job creation. The evaluation process to be undertaken will be done by way of the implementation of Quantitative methods through polls, questionnaires or surveys, with qualitative research interviews. The intent is to provide sustainability through manufacturing, training and job creation by maximizing the Caribbeans tourist (stop-overs) arrivals, cruise passenger arrivals and Caribbean/Caricom vacationers. The anticipated expectation is to see the manufacturing, training and edification in general care and maintenance of Eco scented fabric to local and Caribbean/Caricom National through the implementation of same as Certificate, Diploma and Degree courses and/or modules and the local University. To explore the: 1. Development of Silk (China is the leading silk producer of the world. Other major silk producing countries include Japan, India and Italy) and Linen in the Caribbean 2. Cultivation and development of Cotton, Bamboo and Hemp Fabric.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Plans for implementation and sustainability will see the utilization and/or maximization of Tourist (Stop-over) and Cruise Passenger Arrivals into the Caribbean. The Caribbean Tourism Organization Latest Statistics 2014 (May 29, 2014) records during the period January 2014 to April, 2014, the Caribbean received approximately 5,154,225 Tourist (stop-over) Arrivals with an additional 6,896,717 entering by sea, with 2013/12 recording Tourist Arrival at 19,451,476 and Cruise Passenger Arrivals at 21,998,631 for the period 2013/12. This initiative will see the use of both equity and debt financing with collaborations from the various institutions listed herein: Ministry of Education - The specialization in Eco Scented Fabric (manufacturing, development and general fabric/garment care) can be offered at various levels alongside the present FASHION DESIGN Bachelor of Fine Arts Programme, Diploma in Fashion Management or Diploma in Fashion Designs as module at the local University. Ministry of Health Eco scented fabric can be used in the application of medicine, giving individuals the option of wearing the treatment as opposed to an oral intake, (the patch releases nicotine to aid the smoker and hormones released through a patch, vapour rub applied to the outer body, impacts the body by decongesting the chest and eradicates nasal fungus, then why not introduce ECO Scented Fabric infused with healing agents). Ministry of Social Development (Poverty Eradication Initiative). Job creation in the manufacturing of Eco scented fabric and training in how to care for Eco scented garments.

Your profile

Born on April, 4th 1984, in the Caribbean Island of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, with a passion for Succession and Family Law, I entered into the legal environment where I have spent the past eleven (11) years. A love for nature, colour and runway led me to the board of an international fashion house where I functioned in the capacity of Corporate Secretary briefly. The pursuit of an MBA in Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship fueled by my obsession with the beauty of nature, fashion, colour and health conscious living led to the creation of ECO Scented Fabrics. Curiosity and analytically evaluation of a soap I knew from birth as an all-purpose block soap, having a powerfully scent led me down the exploratory corridors of the various uses of the soap, observing that despite rinsing the clothing and adding additional perfume softener to the wash, the scent of the soap stood out. I began exploring the idea of innovation in terms of creating a Caribbean fabric embodying Batik, Tie-Dye and other prints synonymous to the Caribbean, but the scent of the soap on the garment I was wearing kept interrupting, in a humorous way. I thought what if you could create a fabric that would be Eco-friendly and at the same time being able to hold natural scents that would be soothing and therapeutic with the potential to heal and enhance the attitude of an individual and the idea for personalized Eco scented Fabric was birthed.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, education, health, poverty reduction, sustainable trade

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July 8, 2014 19:19

Fantastic concept. I could envision this product being used for children as well due to the body odors they emanate after a fun-filled day at school. I can foresee parents subscribing to the idea since they are usually tasked with washing those "stinkies". What about the concerns for the fashion conscious? Are there any provisions for persons with skin allergies?

July 7, 2014 18:12

I endorse this idea / product 100%.This product can / will compliment a purfumed body / person... Great idea!!!

July 7, 2014 04:40

good job

July 7, 2014 04:17

great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 5, 2014 19:27

I find the whole idea / concept of "Eco Scented Fabric" to be amazing! It offers a sense of hope to the people (of which I am one) who actually suffer from numerous ailments & are looking for healthier, more natural & sustainable relief. The rationale for same is strong & well sold. With the support & 'buy in' from the right people / organizations, along with the relevant research & training, this idea can work wonders. Personally I support this idea 100%. All the best! :)

July 5, 2014 04:59