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Summary of your idea

This machine is a water purifier. In the process of purifying the water it will trap any sediments and other salt content that exists with in the water so that it can be reused. It changes any form of water into clean, drinkable water. It is cheap because it doesn't not use electricity at all. You can easily dismantle it and take to different locations. In terms of size it is not that heavy. Because it is cheap scalability is big part of this machine. This machine can also allow us humans to use the 97% of the oceans water.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our main targets are the majority of the African people who suffer from water pollution. Keeping that in mind the price of this product is not that expensive. We are trying to help Africans around the continent while contributing to Ethiopia's growing economy. Our success is going to be portrayed by how many lives we change in African and around the world. Other targets can be water companies who spend a lot of money on purifying water.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Right now we are at the planning stage. We have 6 crew members, me being the leader. 5 of us are students and other one is my uncle who is a salesman. To attain customers we are gone form a partnership with one of the water companies present the idea to them and then build the machine in collaboration with their professional engineer. In our advertisement we will not that we will also have a bonus where we give away our product for free for every 3 purchases.

Your profile

I am 16 years old. I go to the international community school of Addis Ababa. Ever since i was little i have loved building stuff, and never really considered it a big thing. Then this year i took a class called Environmental science and it showed me how big water pollution is. Most african's cant afford the machines because they are expensive. That was my motivation to starting this project. I am a strong leader with very good work ethic, my teachers are witness to this.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health

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exotic idea!