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With the goal of championing social causes and advocating for positive change using the pen, the lens, the brush, the canvass, the voice, the body & the mind, ART-ivism is an initiative Ive had in mind for quite a while now. Ive always thought to myself that since people who appreciate and create art, are often likeminded and free spirited. Art in all its forms makes a nice inception point and serves as perfect common ground to appeal to their empathy. Imagine the synergy in using art for positive change. Both as a medium for social awareness campaigns to disseminate positive vital education & as a means to finance and further charitable causes. So Im appealing to all social entrepreneurs, altruists & artists to get in touch, with the hope of using the arts as a platform for advocacy and relief as and when need and opportunity arises. Be it by way of film, photography, dance, spoken word, fashion, music, paintings, crafts and even graffiti. The point is to use the gift of art as a vehicle for change, a tool for education and a channel for empowerment. Social media, visual arts and informal education have proven a trust-able means to address and impress the youth. By exploiting this channel, Im certain The ART-ivist knows that to make an observation is to have an obligation. So feel free to be a part in any way you can or deem fit. Get in touch. Join us and lend your voice, your time, your mind and your talent to a worthy cause. A laborer is one who works with his hands. A craftsman is one who employs his mind. But its only the artist that works with his body, mind and soul.

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Social Issues At Hand: According to Uganda Aids Commission boss, Dr Christine Ondoa, 400 people are infected with HIV daily. The World Health Organization reported in 2012, 63% of deaths in Africa were caused by Communicable diseases notably HIV/AIDS, diarrheal diseases, malaria & tuberculosis. The High risk study among slum youths in Kampala City was conducted by Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL) among 1,134 individuals in selected slums in Kampala. The study found that 46 % of the youths aged between 12 and 18 take alcohol while 42 % had their first sexual intercourse at age 14. Ms Monica Swahn a professor of epidemiology at Georgia State University presented the findings. She noted the link between alcohol consumption and sexual activities. Such results suggest and provide evidence, that increased comprehensive and multi-level prevention and intervention services ought to focus on this vulnerable population. To try and delay alcohol use and address the underlying determinants of substance abuse to reduce the prevalence and spread of HIV. When youth drink alcohol, their judgment is clouded, meaning more risks, casual sex, random partners and unlikelihood of condom use. Besides, in an inebriated state, theyre more susceptible to cause and be involved in fatal motor accidents. Moreover, 37% had not used condoms with their partners in the past three months. My campaign hopes & seeks to half these statistics in 2 years. Proposed counter-action: KNOW H.I.V |+ve CAMPAIGN| R.E.A.L MUSIC H.I.V ~ High Intoxicated Vulnerable +ve ~ Positive vital education R.E.A.L MUSIC ~ Relief Empowerment Altruism & Love (Making U See It Clearly) The KNOW H.I.V +ve CAMPAIGN is a proposed slums, high schools and universities tour theme. Aimed at utilizing the performing arts to empower, enlighten and educate the youth about the adverse consequences & lethal implications of fornication and alcohol abuse.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Music concerts have proven to be a timeless cash cow, besides; they double as a well tested and trusted channel to reach the youth. By borrowing both this business model and audience, I seek to exploit the duo to effect a few social changes. With strategic partnerships and required support, I plan to coordinate an annual one off massive concert and dedicate all its profits to positive campaigns & preventative initiatives. I find this model can be replicated in other places over time and generated profits can be put to more than one cause. Subsequent events & concerts can tackle different issues such as KNOW SMOKE, KNOW CRIME and KNOW DRUGS, +ve campaigns. The initial capital that finances the first concert(s) shall be set aside as the cushion to incubate a self sustained enterprise whose sole goal is to repatriate profits from the events/entertainment industry, not only to fund relief initiatives, but also to bring about positive changes in my generation and immediate society. Of course, there are people and organizations better placed and experienced to secure funding, oversee, execute and evaluate this pilot so I have cared to identify a few notable entities and celebrities I intend to collaborate with. These include; Uganda Health Marketing Group, Uganda Youth Development Link, Uganda Aids Commission, Kinetic Management Group, Extreme Music & Events and the Local Breweries. To measure reach and likely appeal. I shared this cause/concept as a page on Facebook. It got over 150 likes on the first day alone, currently at 251 likes. Since then Ive been doing some homework plus elevator-pitches to artists & celebrities while searching and waiting for a perfect, appropriate platform to pitch globally. And so far, the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is the first such arena Ive stumbled on. For more about ART~ivism:

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I am a little known free lance writer, painter and poet. Passion fuels all my ambitions. I love art, I love technology and entrepreneurship. I have been involved in three successful start ups. I love to share, learn and laugh. I have survived one too many an accident and lost a few friends to alcohol induced accidents. My childhood and family unit suffered adverse irreversible effects whose root cause was loss of close relatives to HIV. I am not so educated myself, though I have the relevant experience and have accumulated a few certifications and intelligence in disciplines, topics and subjects that interest me. I currently work as a software/business developer. I co-founded and managed an events/talent management company at which I got experience in the entertainment industry and project management. I was a pioneer/volunteer with a non-profit called Campaign for Life through which we raised funds for the treatment of carefully selected cancer patients. When I see the status quo in my immediate society and the world over, I feel obliged to be a part of the change I wish to see in my generation. Through awareness drives and art related events, I hope to reach out to a significant segment of Urban Youth in slums and higher institutions of learning with actual statistics and deterrent facts about alcohol and HIV. In a bid to influence students to live healthier lives and make more responsible choices, since they are the age group most likely to indulge in unprotected sex, abuse alcohol or get involved in alcohol induced sex and motor accidents. By way of generating creative content and exploiting available media, the ART~ivism campaigns will disseminate vital data and preventative information to the most vulnerable and relevant segment of society. For more about me, refer to:

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