Empowering the socially and technically inferiors.

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Summary of your idea

The main objective of this idea is to support the downtrodden. There are various NGOs which support education,who can come together to conduct a survey to mark the illiterate people from various villages and communities.A new NGO can also be formed for this task.The people from each village community/will be divided into separate groups,which will include the illiterate people of all age groups and gender.Then,they will be enrolled in the NGOs,the basic education for the youth and the elders will be base on agricultural and technical knowledge and writing and informing them about the basic rights of the land and their duties.Whereas the educational content for the children would comprise mainly of formal education and the education to remove the old school of habits which is an obstruction to development.After a few days of agricultural and technical knowledge the people could work efficiently in the farms for better agriculture.There might be a group leader from each group who would work for the welfare of his fellow citizen.He would be taught to write letters to the government officers informing the lack of employment in his group,this step would also help the villagers to claim for various employment schemes,to work and earn in fields or even industries.The same group leader would be responsible to inform the NGOs about the specialties of his community/village with respect to materials,craft,art,handicrafts,food etc,so that these can be promoted and marketed to uplift the economic condition of the village and ensure better way of livelihood to every person.The same can be implemented in a series in various parts to ensure development throughout.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This idea would aim at improving the lifestyle of the people who are illiterate and away from the social progress of our country.The idea would not require much funds in cash or even in kind,once successful,this idea would ensure the use of handmade products for the livelihood of people,this would also make the people aware about our environment and the use of environment friendly products and also would enable them to connect to the progressive part of the society.With the technical and agricultural knowledge the people could work in farms and industries and be benefited by the employment schemes to eradicate unemployment and poverty.With the art of writing they can inform the government officials for the basic necessities like electricity,water etc.This step would help the community to be self-dependent on their resources.The NGOs would be responsible for the marketing and promotion of the local arts,craft,food,literature etc ,so as to make the community economically prosper so that they are able fulfill their own need.This would also encourage women to promote their art and culture and also to earn money.This idea would improve their livelihood and ensure development for the masses.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The basic business model would be like a chain of NGOs supporting knowledge who work to educate the illiterate people from various communities/villages who will contribute to the development of the society.The group leader from each group will flourish this model in various villages like a series , to ensure simultaneous progress.The NGOs can perform a drive in the city,informing the people about their initiative to gain funds and once this idea is set on foot ,they can earn from the marketing of the local products.Various government organisations can also join hands in this initiative.This can act for a chain model of development.

Your profile

Name-Ayush Ratna Age-15 date of birth-22nd April 1999. I,am a student studying in D.B.M.S English school,Jamshedpur,Jharkhand,India. I ,study in std. 10 and, am interested on topics of social progress and awareness. I try to think about the basic problems of the people and try to find a way which might help them to overcome their difficulties.i think this helped me to think on this topic.

Stage of Idea

idea offered for implementation by others

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, sustainable energy, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

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