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Summary of your idea

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come; whose time is now. Everyone has the right to live a peaceful life of serenity, particularly orphans. Orphans have the right to be educated, to be entertained, to grow in a peaceful atmosphere and love, to enjoy the same rights like the children living with their parents father and mother. But force is to note that in my country Benin in West Africa, such is not the case despite the efforts made by authorities. Orphans continue to be forsaken to themselves due to the lack of supports. At the end, we notice that those poor children by the time being, turn out to public dangers to the community. I strongly believe that it would be wise to have positive thoughts with regards to this threat to ensure a bright future to orphans. This is the main goal of our current idea known as Shelter For Orphans. A space for all orphans regardless gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, political belief and so on. By implementing this idea, we are committed to provide the most effective space for the orphans all over the world and we will provide the following : 1) receive orphans from any locations from the world. 2) Good education for a well being. 3) A vocational training emphasizing agriculture, the transformation of the agricultural products: like the transformation of the cassava into gari, biscuit and also of red oil palm nuts, walnuts of Shea butter. 4) All orphans will be able to grow their personal development and will be ready to be socially independent and could create values and become useful to themselves and to the community in which they live.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Here are the impacts : We build a safe community for not only the city of Parakou but for all the country of Benin and beyond. Target : our target are orphans from different locations of Benin. This idea is an innovation in Benin and will be extended to the rest of the countries in Africa that are facing a high rate of orphan sponsorship. Result : we create youth leaders for the community; we increase the economy of the country; orphans now understand their key role in the development of the nation; crimes and violences are reduced; finally, we create jobs for orphans. Metrics: Orphans are trained equally to agriculture, and create products and goods to be sold or consumed; some are employed by local companies; all the orphans are now happy and get education and shelter. Other metrics include training materials and equipment for agriculture and others services.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Collaborators : the government of Benin, the Ministry of Youth Affairs in Benin, the Ministry of family, and any administration, organization either local or international. Our plan : Project preparation : (September-December 2014) : Collection of data about the orphanage rate in Benin; contractual agreement for collaboration with local and international partners; renting of a place to host the project idea. Listing materials, equipment for the place and for the activities to be done; registration of orphans ; Designing the schedule for training and creating groups; Development of the different training guides for orphans activities, in the different local languages including (French, English, Fon, Yoruba, Dendi, Bariba, Goun). Launching of the project implementation into the Ministry of Family of Benin (January 2015). Project implementation: (January - July 2015) : First, I have a small fund in my personal account bank which will help for the advertisement; then, here is the plan: awareness campaign: printing and dispatching of leaflets, into the major cities of Benin. Production of tee-shirts. Workshops with orphans. Creation of social media accounts for the project idea. Publicity on TVs and newspapers on the importance of the orphans in the community. Training of orphans in agriculture field. Finally, the NGO ENGLISH4U in which I am currently working will help me starting to buy materials in order to produce quality finished goods. the selling of those goods will be part of our financial sources to produce more. Project evaluation and sustainability: (August - September 2015): Compare statistic on orphans rate before the project and after one year of implementation in Benin. Send report to national commission of UNESCO Benin, Benin government, and to the different collaborators. Create an archive and start of the next year planning.

Your profile

My name is Wilfried Akomonla and I am from Benin. I was born in the city of Glazoue where I received my education up to the secondary school. Later, I traveled to Parakou, in the North Part of Benin where I completed my secondary education program. Since 2013 until now, I hold the position of the General Secretary of the Non Profit Organization ENGLISH4U located in Parakou, BENIN; I can speak, understand, write and read fluently English and French (which is Benin international official language); Besides, I am also fluent in other local languages of my country such as Fon, Dendi and Bariba the three most spoken languages in Benin after French. Currently, I am an active instructor of Beginner and Intermediate English Class at Business Promotion Center (BPC), a center which promotes youth leadership and entrepreneurship in Parakou, Benin. My passion has always been volunteering field and personal development. I am dynamic, curious and have great motivation for hard work to provide effective solutions for different challenges. My motivation often comes from doing something special that would bring positive change in the community. Recently, I have been promoted to the position of Executive Director of English4U for the year 2014; this is again an accomplishment of hard work. Beyond that, given this opportunity I would like to empower if possible African youths from my project by creating an atmosphere which would contribute to their success and where they can learn about leadership and effective ways of communication.

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Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, idea offered for implementation by others

Your idea has a positive impact on

peace-building , education, poverty reduction, cultural diversity , youth

English radio program at the number 1 station in Parakou

Wilfried Akomonla, General Secretary of ENGLISH4U Parakou, Benin

Workshop with the Nigerian International School children in Parakou, Benin

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