Make food from molasses of sugar cane

Published on June 11, 2014 um 15:25

Summary of your idea

The project aims to utilize sugar canes molasses, which is widely considered useless and harmful to the environment as a material for cultivating various kinds of mushroom especially white clamshell mushroom. Molasses has long been known as an obsession of the environmentalists due to its terrible impact on nature, human life. Most of the chemicals in the refining process of cane sugar eventually find their ways into the waste residue, which is the molasses. That the great powers: Japan, Us, UK, with daily capacity of thousands tons means environment and our life are being threatened by the massive amount of toxic chemicals: Sulphur dioxide, HydrocarbonUndoubtedly, with the ardent hope of creating a positive change in the community, we have come up with this idea and succeeded in turning dangerous molasses into beneficial material to produce mushroom. Mushroom has been celebrated as the sacred medicine worldwide because they are low in calories, fat-free, cholesterol-free, and very low in sodium, yet they provide important nutrients: selenium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin D and more. They can assist to cure lots of diseases. Mushrooms, obviously, has been the invaluable gift from the mother of nature. Realizing the drawbacks, which molasses brings to our life, in developed western countries, they have tried to solve the amount of the sugar beet in some ways. However, in developing countries, this is a completely new issue. Instead of finding the most efficient solution, some companies chose to throw it away in the natural resources. Therefore, in my belief, this project can become extremely potential, profitable in the developing countries, which will be our main target. Our goal is to make this project so realistic that it can replace the conventional, inefficient method. The application in the business not only reduces amount of molasses but also brings gigantic profits.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This project will definitely have a gigantic, positive impact on life of millions of global citizens due to its protecting the environment and providing people with a valuable source of food. According to the report of Sugarpub in 2012, Japans sugar consumption for 2010/11 was forecast at 2,1 million metric tons while Chinas production of sugar reached to 14 million metric tons. This statistics showed that the destruction of environment by fast growth of sugar industry is just a matter of time. Confronting such a problem, the idea will assist to solve the matter in some ways and increase the productivity of growing this kind of mushroom. To the best of my knowledge, White clamshell mushroom, nowadays, is planted on the dust timber, dry or wet bagasse. These traditional methods waste a great deal of time, efforts and depend greatly on the weather. As a result, the industrious farmers only can harvest in 2 seasons: from January to March, from October to December. This phenomenon directly brings about low annual productivity. Undoubtedly, by applying the molasses into the producing process, we can make use of the redundant end product to produce mushroom, create financial efficiency, reduce pollution, and raise the sense of initiative of the farmers. On top of that, the number of biomass will be higher and the growths speed of mushrooms planted by convention will pale in comparison with it of the new method. This is definitely what every farmer long for all the time. The cheap and available materials ensure that the whole project is totally practical and can be applied worldwide. In a word, the ideal will promote environmental protection and standards of living.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Firstly, we want to emphasize on the practicality of the idea. Winning third prize in the Intel ISEF competition in Viet Nam gave us motivation to move on, complete and invest as much as we can in this project. Because the project deals with the biological field, priority is given to the possibility of the idea. Succeeding in the experiment, receiving certificate for that witness to the accuracy of the given information. The production is divided into 5 steps: dilute molasses at suitable ratio, sterilize by heat, create suitable nutritious environment, collect biomass, and dry it. The reliable results show that with the same amount of breed (5 gram), we can collect 47,25 gram (highest) in the environment into which the new method is applied and 34,5 gram (lowest) in the environment with no treatment. According to the result examined by the national biology institution, clamshell mushroom planted by molasses can last longer, have natural color and be cleaner than those in two other environments. In the process, we referred to the reference books such as: Campel , vi sinh vat hoc: by Ngo Giang Lien and consulted some professors specialized in this field. That the project does not cost much at all is extremely important to the popularization. The materials needed for the production can be taken from other processing like glair. Moreover, if we cultivate mushroom in the environment mixed with glair, we can obtain more biomass than in normal environment. Secondly, we shall organize some lectures to let the world see the prospects of it. Then, we can establish groups of competent people to propagate, create systemic belief and help the factories. Finally, we really hope that you can see that it is achievable and the benefits it brings to our life.

Your profile

Having grown in a family with long standing tradition of studying biology, I soon have passion for this subject. The passion, which runs in my blood, always urges me to approach the horizon of knowledge and keep getting to know more about the world surrounding me. I always try to read many reference books, ask the teachers whatever I feel curious about, and apply the knowledge I learned into reality. As a result, my efforts paid off when I won some rewards in the field of biology: the first prize in the competition in my secondary school, and the second prize with the scale of the province. All these competitions gave me more motivation to specialize in this subject. Then, I passed the entrance examination to Lam Son gifted high school one of the best schools with talented students winning the gold, silver, bronze medal in the international competitions. Becoming a student of this school may be an unforgettable milestone in my life. Here, I was under the construction of the passionate, competent teachers and received the most invaluable knowledge ever. Learning in the national team to prepare for the national exam made me realize this is definitely the dream i had been looking for and I needed to dedicate my life to the development of the society. I want to raise my inner voice, share my ideals with everyone with the hope of devoting and making the world a better place. Although I am just in grade 11 and may be inexperienced, I do long for showing that creativity has no limit and discrimination. I do hope you can see the potential of our project and make the project on the paper become a realistic, useful project to the right partners.

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