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Summary of your idea

THE SCHOLAR is an annual intercollegiate competition with the aim of instigating, initiating, supporting and compensating creativity and innovation in Nigerian higher institutions. The main aim of the competition is to bridge the gap between our universities and the universe of our cities, to tear down this examination preparation edifice we have built and build a knowledge acquisition structure, which in turn confers wisdom to the lives of our youth. We intend to achieve this by organizing a competition where college students are to use their academic projects to solve a problem in their immediate environment, these competition will be carried out in various stages IE departmental, facultative and institutional and the best from each school will later be judged on a nationwide basis, based on various categories. The eventual winner will have won a handsome cash prize for himself, his project supervisor, his department, his faculty and his institution along with the prestige of being the SCHOLAR OF THE YEAR! This competition is to be televised across the country and the hoi polloi involved in the winner selection process. The scholar's invention/innovation and that of other noteworthy participant will then be put up for investment and the resultant product marketed, hereby creating jobs for the creators/innovators and everyone employed in the creation process.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This program is set up to over time re-orientate students in my environment about the role of education, and also expected to influence the didactic way of teaching, lecturer's pedagoguery and also re-energize universities as to their roles in ensuring a good learning environment is created for learning. For decades most Nigerian universities have been pretending to educate their youths while what they mostly do is while away their time and pile up a heap of redundant graduates who have no effect on the growth and economy of their nation, leaving them as a youth waiting to be breastfed by the economy as opposed to feeding the economy and just as the breast of a mother can only feed a few mouth before drying up, the jobs available in their motherland can only be filled by a few people before drying up. Hence we need a paradigm shift, a new frontier, explore possibilities never before thought of; the academic environment needs to connect itself with the economy of the nation, and take advantage of vibrancy of the vast youth population in this country to bring sustainable change to the nation. The target is to make university students at all levels innovate a product, a system, a concept or anything that solves a problem in their environment and for such innovation to be marketed. The program will be said to have achieved its major goal when such a product has been created and its solution sold.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Innovators are driven by a similar belief; To shape the world into what they believe it should be (Melanie Perkins). When a pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty, with the enormous day to day challenges that faces the average African citizen, I think optimism should be the watchword to carry us through it, it is time we stopped importing solutions to our problems from China and India and start finding them by ourselves, I believe these challenges could be the driver for an economic overhaul in the lives of the average African youth, we plan to source financing from this project mainly via sponsors, there are a lot of multinational companies, big oil companies in my country that can be partners, university alumni also have a role to play, whatever support they give will be used to sponsor student projects meant for the competition, we will partner a couple media outlet too as we hope to put the ingenuity of Nigerian students under the spotlight, make heroes out of our competitors so they can be role models for young and up coming students, sort of making "school the new cool", start-ups with roots to the competition will devote a certain percentage of their income (a percentage given at their own volition) to the course of the competition so that on the long run, the competition will no longer be an obligate dependent on donations from collaborators and sponsors, sponsors are now past competitors. This idea in itself is not a business, but it is modeled to start a business.

Your profile

My name is Dr. Charles Oludare, born on June 3rd 1989. I passed through all levels of education in Nigeria, studied Medicine at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife where I had my MBChB in 2012. Having studied medicine meant I spent more time in the university than most of my friends, hence i watched a lot of them graduate without having a clue about what they would do once out of school, so i began asking them what value they think their university education has added to them, how better-off they are from the time they gained admission to the university and their responses were not encouraging. I watched all my friends copy their final year projects from a past project and what they do is basically put their names on another man's write up. I saw lecturer's ask graduating students to write a report on researches they never carried out within 24 hours, so they whole class copied the same circulated report and the best handwriting got the best mark. I was repulsed by what I saw and that my friends where the victims of this got me livid. So I thought, what if....; what if there was a way for all this to change, what if we can create a reward system to encourage this change, what if......

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, youth

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