(OVM) Overtaking Meter

Published on June 11, 2014 um 15:13

Summary of your idea

Overtaking meter(OVM) is a device which is used to measure the speed, time and distance to be covered when a vehicle (A) overtakes another vehicle (B), accommodating the incoming vehicle(C) in a two-way road. The device will have a GPS which shows the vehicle in the road which are within the radius of 250meters in front. There will be a measurement that enables it to read the speed of the vehicle in-front (B) and the speed of the in-coming vehicle(C) at the same time. If vehicle (A) is to overtake vehicle (B) the device will help the driver of vehicle (A) to know how fast he should go and how long will he take to go past vehicle (B) without causing any danger to the in-coming vehicle(C) and he will also know the distance and time to be covered by vehicle(C) to arrive at him without any collision. If vehicle(C) is travelling faster than vehicle(A) and distance to be taken by vehicle(A) to go over vehicle(B) is too risky, the device will indicate danger to the driver of vehicle(A) thus helping him not to overtake to save lives. All in all, the OVM is intended to show drivers whether it is safe to overtake or not.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Road accidents are claiming more good souls, especially in Africa and overtaking being one of the causes due to the driver failing to calculate the distance and speed of the incoming vehicle. The birth of the overtaking meter will help drivers to save lives by not overtaking in dangerous situations because it will measure the speed, time and distance of vehicles in-front and in-coming vehicles leaving the driver with a good choice of overtaking or not. This will create employment to those who will build, sell and install the device to vehicles resulting in reduction of unemployment which is a very big concern to the whole world.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

I will involve the Botswana Innovation Hub together with the Ministry of Science and Technology to help with experts who can bring this idea to reality since they offer service at low cost for local people so as to improve their lives. After creating the model and testing the model, I will present the model and its benefits to car manufacturers and seek partnership with them. When the device is fully finished and working it will be available to all vehicle manufactures and individuals owning vehicles and to those who are aspiring to own one. It caters for everyone.

Your profile

I am a matured young man of 24 years, studied certificate in accounting at Maun technical college. I am the founder and managing director of Wide Space holdings, a company that supplies mining engineering tools in Botswana

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

elderly, youth

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