MedTourEx (Medical Tourism Excellence)

Published on February 14, 2014 um 14:34

Summary of your idea

MedTourEx is an outsource marketing enterprise that aims to provide the best, most suitable and sustainable marketing strategies at a very affordable price governed by a penetration strategy. This will be accomplished by rooting our clients to the social media through a comprehensive website which will feature their medically-inclined products, services and needs. The target market will be foreign patients who opt to travel outside their origin country or local patients from a different city to get their medical needs at a cheaper rate, yet with uncompromised quality; doctors and medical practitioners whose service are valuable, but unrecognized, that it needs to be marketed through an outsource agency; hospitals and clinics which provide cheap and innovative medical services; medical material enterprises including insurance companies, laboratories, pharmacies, and other products suppliers which need a marketing agency to promote their items; hotels and dormitories that may provide a healthy living environment where the patients can stay while having their medical needs attended; academic institutions which could market their affordable rates, new course offerings, and where foreign students would want to study; convention halls and centers which would cater medically-related forums; and locally-renowned tourist destinations where patients can go to while staying for their medical treatment. The niche is to be the mainstream outsource marketing company that will bridge the catering of encompassing medical needs embedded into credible service channeled into individualization of customer needs. Our identity will be one of integrity and genuine first class service to our customers and the pioneer medical tourism association in the Philippines.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

MedTourEx aims to achieve the following: 1. To be the premier and pioneering marketing outsource agency; 2. To provide the best, most suitable and highly sustainable marketing strategies for medical tourism in the Philippines; 3. To address healthcare needs of the global citizens; 4. To promote medical tourism of Davao Region to the regional, national and international scene; 5. To enhance accessibility of medical tourism of Davao Region through the social media; and 6. To increase productivity and profits of our customers.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

MedTourEx shall be operated by highly competent people in order to achieve its goals. It seeks to be under the BMBE Law of the Philippines which shall enable it to be part of the coverage for tax-exemption as it is going to be a small enterprise. The capital which shall be used in this project will be from winning the Business Idea Competition in our institution, Davao Doctors College, wherein winners shall get a cash prize of 100,000 pesos. This enterprise shall only necessitate a capital money of 53,000 pesos which shall be for the salary of the website developer (32,000 for the first 2 months), communication (4,000), office supplies (1,000), transportation (2,000) and miscellaneous (4,000) fees and for the business permit and licenses fee (10,000). MedTourEx seeks partnership of the local city government, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Health and Department of Tourism.

Your profile

I am Derek Dale Ang Bayquen, 20 years old and a graduating student of B.S. in Physical Therapy. I have been significantly involved in different community activities during my volunteering in the Davao City chapter of the National Youth Commission of the Philippines. I have also handled positions in different organizations which led me to initiation and participation of different youth-related activities. I was Secretary for one year and President for another year for our Student Council; President for one year for the Physical Therapy Students Organization. I have also been chosen as one of the top 81 young leaders in the Philippines and selected to participate in its Ayala Young Leaders Congress; was also an alumni of the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths; was able to be a finalist for the Millenium Youth Camp in Finland wherein there were only 2 Filipinos able to reach that certain level; was an accepted applicant for the Interselliger International World Youth Forum in Russia; and part of the virtual participants for the New York Model United Nations. I have also been honed by different marketing-related seminars from the British Council of the Philippines. The first one was about Social Entrepreneurship wherein together with my groupmates, we were able to conceptualize a project entitled, "Ilaw ng Tahanan" of "Light of Homes", which aimed to address prostitution in the city by providing them another means to have a living which is in the livelihood industry of making lamps. I have championed different extemporaneous and public speaking competitions, thus attesting to my marketing skills. I am really eager to push this project as this is the first one ever in the Philippines and I see myself rocking the healthcare industry of the Philippines of which I am soon-to-be part of.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

health, sustainable trade, youth

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