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Summary of your idea

The idea is about promoting women equality by helping them developed their talent plus. i call it 'LET MY BRAIN THINK AND MY HANDS DO IT". Main objectives is to create jobs to the youths particularly women, by selecting the unemployed with skills which that are not well developed and trained them and later group them to provide financial support to open a business of their owned as loan for them to pay back without interest. this repayment will help to continue the process yearly.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

-This will reduce unemployment in my country; as about 20 individuals will gain employment after these project. - increase standard of living; those involve, their standard of living will increase as they will now earn incomes and take care of their families. thus it is a chain effects. - its go a long way to empower women and give them the chance to help their family, thus encouraging gender equality. if implemented it has a high probability to succeed.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

this is a self sustaining way of helping youths grow and create employment. its good to teach a man how to fish rather than just feeding him/her with fish from your catch. for this idea to succeed, will seek funds from registration of prospective candidates,look for sponsors and supporters. i will be collaborating with an international NGO Association of African Entrepreneurs supporting growth of entrepreneurship.

Your profile

AM 24years old, a female from cameroon. Am a graduate from university of buea, cameroon. i also have adiploma in business management and enrepreneurship.Am a United Nations online volunteer and a Winner of UN-online volunteering award 2013. i have work with organisations like Teach a man to fish foundation UK, Association Africa Entrepreneur(AAE) Ghana. correctly am Members support volunteer for AAE Africa cameroon chapter and just began operating an online advertising agency j-advertsingcm.com

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, cultural diversity , empowerment of women, youth

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strange idea!

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please do vote for my idea.thanks