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Summary of your idea

With this project is elaborated business idea related to the production of specific so-called White Sticks, which will greatly simplify the lives of people who are forced to use them. White Sticks are canes used by people with disabilities, people with full or partial blindness. White Sticks are manufactured from specific material and their purpose is to simplify the movement and orientation in space. White Sticks did not changed through the generations and the original white cane stayed the same and it has the same function. Stickes that are the subject of this idea I will call GPS Stickes. The essence of the idea is that the white cane incorporate GPS devices that will guide blind people and directed them to the desired locations. GPS device will be connected to a wireless network with a headset that would be located in the ears of people who use canes. The headphones are connected to the microphone through which a person determined desired location, which would also be transmitted through wireless network to the GPS device. In this way the sticks for blind people not only enabled the acquisition of a sense of proximity to certain objects or people, but keep them directed to where they want to arrive at the same time choosing the most convenient road for them . The advantage of using this device in comparison to other modern devices with GPS technology is that they are being manufactured exclusively for the blind and absolutely adapted to them and their needs.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The white stickes are symbol of the efforts of blind people to travel independently and achieve greater level of autonomy in education, work and everyday life. In the 21st century when modern technology and modern way of communication become part of our everyday life, blind and visually impaired people continue to face various forms of inaccessibility of many institutions and locations. For blind and visually impaired people it is important that their streets and public facilities are available. GPS Sticks exactly allow them that convenience. GPS Sticks will help blind people to overcome the physical and spatial barriers as well as increased socialization and sociability. The purpose of a business idea primarily is to help people who are forced to live with a disability which is blindness and vision impairment . The aim is to make life easier for the people mentioned and help them to have better orientation in space, easier movement and therefore to the inclusion of various social trends . In this way they are not only overcome spatial barriers but also provides socialization of these people. Daily communication with users of this stick that will be performed by the direct conversation and various survey I will come to the knowledge of their satisfaction with the this product. Using various modality of marketing, numerous associations of people with partial and complete visual impairments as well as individuals with a mentioned problem will be familiar with the benefits of using the GPS Sticks. In this way it provides a great demand for these products, which will consequently contribute to the achievement of planned profits.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Although this product has a major part in humane and socially responsible way, companies that accept investment in that product will provide lucrative profit . It is a completely new product, so that people around the world who are forced to use this product, will be interested in buying it. Following the prices of substitutes of this product we come to the average price of ordinary white cane which is around 30. When it comes to GPS Sticks can reach an average price of 60. All production costs should not cost more than 35 so if the manufacturer wishes to produce the product with 100 % margin will come to the retail price of 70 . Sure , depending on the needs and desires of the manufacturer, the retail price may range from 50 to 150 . By good marketing campaign such as promotion in hospitals, ophthalmic institutions, etc public would quickly be familiar with the new products available in the market. Thanks to the increasingly popular Internet purchase, the product would soon be available to all countries around the world. After an initial consultation with medical experts as well as experts in the field of electrical engineering that would enable the creation of the stickes that will fully correspond to the blind people, so actual production would not require a large number of people. Activities related to marketing, and finance shall perform an economist with expertise in these areas. The loans are planned for initial production and marketing of this product.Since this is a product with a socially responsible character it is expected to be a large portion of funds collected from various forms of sponsorship.

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My name is Maja . I am 22 years old. I consider myself as a persistent person that by hard work and effort is trying to achieve set goals. Also, Im trying to improve the lives of people who are faced with various problems and disabilities. These are the segments that motivates me, so Ill keep trying to find new ways in order to improve the quality of life for people who need it most.

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