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Summary of your idea

Ensi, a Luganda word meaning the Source, was chosen to capture our desire to return to the source of our strength our people and their culture. Ensi will address issues of youth unemployment and food insecurity by working with youth to create a sustainable farming model, creating and selling food products from the source, Africa to a global marketplace. Ensis innovation is to work with Ugandan youth to create a sustainably sourced restaurant that is both a modern restaurant and a modern learning environment focused on economic growth for the youth and for Uganda. Ensibuko will also leverage mobile apps for expanding the markets for local foods and connecting farmers to modern markets.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This will be a new type of farming/cooking/business school. Youth will learn the farming/ restaurant skills and business side-by-side. We believe that local youth must both see and experience the food ecosystem (e.g., restaurant business, mobile apps, marketing, organic briquette making) to become fully engaged in it and change their cultural perceptions. With this knowledge the youth will replicate the Ensi model in other communities, and/or take their skillsets to other local and international restaurants around the world. Ensi will host international cooking contests, and cooking shows to expose youth to a global market for their skills and products. The model promotes sustainable lives through farming.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Many youth view farming as that which is done by older individuals in rural villages. Youth dont see farming as a decent, profitable and viable investment. We will specifically help Ugandan youth overcome barriers to farming by making explicit the connections between farming, profitable business and the restaurant industry. Ensi will create a decent, more exciting and youthful environment to attract urban and rural youth into farming. We will help youth overcome the barrier of the lack of market by highlighting local foods and beverages to international and local diners, providing fresh food, introducing Ugandans to new types of dishes made with local foodstuffs, and using online and mobile platforms to reach out to global markets. We will also mentor youth to capitalize on using ICTs for promoting and marketing their products.

Your profile

I represent 73% of the Ugandas population bellow the age of 40. I have a background in agricultural, ICT and economic development. My life mission is empower the young generation in Uganda to be self-sustainable and productive towards creating their own jobs. I graduated with a degree in Economic development from Makerere University and later, pursued numerous short-course in agribusiness, ICT and research methodologies. I am 26 years old with passion and desire to lift the lives of many young unemployed youth in Uganda through innovative ICT and agriculture .

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Stage of Idea

planning stage

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Lifting the youth to self-sustaibality through innovative agriculture

Ensibuko Ecosystem

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