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Best Ideas 2019 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solution or proposition for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Tourism app

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As i have mention before my idea is based on bringing tourism to the top with effect sustainable tourism. So, i want to design an app called Tourism app where travelers and tour operator can work easily together. Travelers can find their perfect destination where as tour operator gets platform to market their agent without wasting time. So, that every agent gets equal number of guest. In fact, this will help in bringing tourism to the top. overall my idea is to sustain tourism in future. If i explain further through my idea called tourism app i want to connect people around the world. On my app i will market travel agents. Their itinerary should be of culture,festival,trekking and adventure. Therefore, travelers will buy tour based on their individual interest. In my country i have seen lots of registered travel agents shutting down after starting business because of not getting guest. As many of my people are from humble background most of them starts their business with loan. I came to learn that to be in tourism industry we need link with other travel agent and marketing is must. where marketing is not easy job, we need to attend travel fairs and go for marketing in foreign countries. Which is of huge amount for newly open agents like mine. As a result, agents like mine gets diminished day by day. Where as top travel agents will remain on top forever and new don't get chance to prove themselves. I saw many of them are struggling to survive their business forget about bringing tourism to the top. On other hand both traveler and tour operator encounters with fraud. So i want to eradicate this problem too.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

My idea called tourism app will bring great impact on sustainable development if my idea gets an opportunity be be utilized. Firstly, it will reduce expenditure for tour operator and this money can be used for some other good ways. Secondly, i want to do online marketing that is digital marketing which reduces paper work. Which have great impact in environment. I can't say i will do away with all the fraud but to some extend i think i will. In this 21st century no one have time to do research and study for long time. I think through this app it will help in time management. Moreover, country like Bhutan was enriched with culture and tradition. Therefore, this app will help tourist to understand about other's culture with short period of time. In fact, it will create big platform of market for tour seller and buyer.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

If my idea reaches to final round i am going to implement for 100%. I will design the app in such a way that it will remain forever. I want to make this app online. That means it will only work while connected to network(data). As a result viewer can get updated information. Whereas, traveler gets valid itinerary with proper tour operator. In case of financing source i have an issue. For that i need someone to support my ideas and work with me. I need investor if they like my ideas and IT software designer. So, that we can bring tourism to the top and implement my idea called tourism app to sustain tourism. As tourism is one of the highest income generator in my country i really want to work on this idea. I am pretty sure it will sustain forever if we all work together.

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Hi, My name is Sonam Choden. I am from Bhutan the land of thunder dragon. Where we believe happiness is a place. Bhutan is landlocked country between two giant countries, India and China. We often called last shangrila the Himalayan kingdom. Now i should tell about myself. I did BA. in Language and Literature from college of language and culture studies in Bhutan. In My college days i learn most of the subject in dzongkha which means i am good in dzongkha literature. Don't take me wrong i also know English very well because is my favorite subject. I am 25 years old. My date of birth is 30-12-1993 which means running 26. Like other people i am not a extraordinary person because i don't have any success in my life. I am just a simple lady recently operating travel agent in my country. I am owner of travel agent but believe me i am enthusiastic entrepreneur who desires to do business one day. Since i have studied literature i have no idea about business. Moreover, about tourism industry i have zero idea about it. To my, surprise i met with one foreigner friend online and got connected. I told all the story to my brother and he came up with travel agent idea. Besides, my sister helped me achieved my dream. From that day, i decided to work in tourism field contributing some ideas to sustainable development. Today, i saw such a platform where i can submit my idea to bring tourism to the top and i am overwhelmed by it.This is all about my story. Kadrinchey!

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