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Summary of your idea

The Cinema halls will be small manageable cinema halls, the uniqueness in this will enabling the penetration of cinema business in the areas that have no access to cinemas, this initiative with use the most portable digital technology that has penetrated in the market. Hence the domino effect is the job creation for the youth, more job opportunities for all the stakeholders in the film industry. Some of the infrastructure prerequisite for this undertaking is the use pocket size mini-projectors which are relatively cheap, white screens. The venture would be very quite easy to implement since pocket size projector dont rely on a lot power to operate. In addition there will be tangible sale for films, with aim of curbing illegal digital downloads that is facing the industry at the moment. Cinema halls can be easily accessed through rental building and this would be easy to implement. the initiative would also include open road cinema where they could show case them to people who have no access to Cinemas.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Films industry is a major industry in most developed nations they and other major players gross in a lot of sales in the business, hence developing nation could reap from this since. We have the advantage from the fact that there is growing number of middle income earners. the introduction of the mini cinema halls success will entirely be based on the number young people that will benefit from the venture, with right training and creation of awareness to ensure that there is a market base for the young people. we shall at least reduced poverty in developing nations

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The business model will encompass on building awareness how cinema can be a major earner, will show case local talents in their respective regions. This will help boost and encourage personnel to venture in the business.

Your profile

Im a 23 year old Kenyan craving for success, and I have the right ingredients, fresh and with my young age I have right ingredients, that is confidence, passion and zeal towards achieving my goals. Im also an aspiring to be an entrepreneur; this is parallel to what a major in which is business information technology. The ICT knowledge gives me a competitive edge in the current technological shifts that we witnessing in the global economy and hence it is imperative for one to be technologically efficient. The film industry is also an industry that I have been eyeing on and there are prospect in the developing nations and I have I have some practical ideas of my own that could play a pivotal role and with this and I have the confidence to state that I will be the game changer in the unexploited industry in the developing nations. In addition Im skilled in the field of computing like web design using content managers, computer networking, operating system and database management system. With all this academic qualification, and the motivation and vigor and Im able know confidently state that we can build a better society.

Stage of Idea

idea offered for implementation by others

Your idea has a positive impact on

sustainable trade

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Dear friend, i just supported your idea. The idea is very nice. Due to this competition i gain lots of friends and relatives. Your idea just amazing. Go ahead.
Please vote and comment.
Thank you.

August 18, 2019 09:59

When I was in third grade, we had a mandatory environmental Science class. The only thing i remember from that class, was when our teacher told us, 8 years olds, that the water table was falling by almost 2 feet ever year and Lake Victoria as drying up as the water levels were reducing significantly. For me, this fact suddenly converted this abstract idea of sustainable development into a very real problem that has affected many communities and people.

At what point in life did you get to know about sustainability?


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Thank you for voting for my idea. I am here to equally reciprocate the favor.
Lets keep going and never give up!

Kind regards

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Hello my dear friend

Success is the result of perfection, hardwork, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence. I have voted for you, i hope i an count on your vote too through the link below

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July 13, 2014 03:57

Bravely go toward! I encourage you.

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Great Idea David
Just voted for your project :)

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