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Creation and management of community seed bank for women from Babougou village

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Women are not very visible in terms of research and seed entrepreneurship. The present project aims at the insertion of women into the seed sector, with a view to positioning seed seed producers and distributors, so this project aims at guaranteeing the food sovereignty and seed autonomy of the populations of Babougou and regenerate and protect biodiversity through the creation of a seed production unit (UPS), a model that will serve as a training center for the creation of seed banks run by women who are the real actors of rural development. It is in this specific context that we have found it useful to set up this activity with the objective of ensuring food security and boosting production in general so as to reinforce production capacities.Main objective of the project: To enable women's groups to develop their know-how, their management skills, to become seed entrepreneurs and to enter agro-business while ensuring seed security.Specific objectiveso Relocation of the key and fundamental role of women in agriculture and particularly in seed production.o Seed autonomy of the population of Babougouo Strengthen women's capacity in seed entrepreneurship.Innovation character of the project:The project is highly innovative in various aspects: The project to create a Community Seed Production Center allows the recirculation of many varieties of plants (especially food) that have disappeared in recent years. This project also (and above all) helps women in the target community to lose their autonomy. Traditional seeds and so-called "alternative" farming techniques allow farmers to regain food sovereignty and much of their autonomy is lost today. It is thus a real accompaniment towards a long-term autonomy and not only a one-off and partial help. 

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Just as some people put their savings in a bank and can withdraw their savings whenever they need money, seed banks act as farmers' savings for planting times. They serve as a buffer in case of economic and environmental losses. Community seed banks are essential for ensuring seed and therefore food security: without seeds, farmers are not able to cultivate. For low-resource farmers, especially women, the local seed system is the main source of seed (Pionetti, 2006).The creation of community seed banks can help farmers to acquire varieties adapted to local conditions; these varieties may not be accessible through formal seed systems, costly or suffer from irregular supplies. If farmers and especially small-scale farmers with limited resources can access these locally adapted varieties, it can help them get seeds for the next planting season and provide them with emergency supplies seeds in times of crisis, making them less dependent on .The main beneficiaries are the women of Babougou village and even the community and the neighborhood.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Methodology1. Setting the goal of the community seed bank.2. Establishment of a community management committee.3. Production, collection and selection of seeds, seed and limb formation.4. Cleaning, drying and seed analysis.5. Save the seed information.6. Keep the seeds.7. Replenish seed stocks and improve seed diversity8. Banking and transfer9. Fairs organization.Components of the projectComponent 1Participatory socio-economic diagnosis according to the gender and election of the members of the management committee of the bank: For the realization of this participatory diagnosis we will proceed to the constitution of a multidisciplinary working team composed of the Project Coordinator, the members of the community (Old, young, men and women) and other partners. We will proceed to the election of the members of the management committee and we will make the diagnosis, this study will make it possible to know the techniques used before, the indigenous seeds, the diversity of the cultures, to analyze the tendencies, to observe the system of the seeds, the priority problems, Map of the land and the positioning of farms, transect, Venn Diagram etc ...VI.2. Component 2 Strengthening the capacity of women seed bank management and seed technology market gardeners: This capacity building will consist of a training of 3 modules namely seed bank management and vegetable seed technology and the establishment of an efficient system Seed distribution 200 women will benefit from these training for 15 days.Component 3InvestmentUsually, organizations that support the establishment of community seed banks are asking for in-kind contributions from the community, this contribution will be labor. Farmers will be motivated to offer their work for this community initiative. We will hold a community meeting to discuss what is required and what the community contributions would be.

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My name is Fatoumata DIABY, i was born on November 15, 1990, I am of Malian nationalityMy experience and my professional qualification have been acquired in missions, carried out for international institutions and the subsectors of agriculture, National Seed Service, breeding in Mali and Cuba. Mastering the most common computer software, I have been involved in the following areas:-The Household Economy Analysis (HEA) and the Socio-Economic Analysis by Gender (SEAGA).-Training of Peasant Organizations (POs)-Planning a company's research projects agricultural.- Monitoring of seed production campaign.- Project management- Writing of scientific reports- Team work- Communication and investigation techniques

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