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Life coach

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The Activity is to go around schools at least once a month starting from local Primary and Secondary, Motivating them on areas like success, importance of education, ways to fight poverty, career guidance, Relationships problems and solutions. Once a month on assembly life coach, public speakers will invite a social worker, psychologist or a professional just to highlight how dreams, goals and achievements could be achieved. Our youth is lost because media doesn't actually benefit their growing minds with 100% positive thoughts on things that are watched. The stage will start first local school, town school, provincial schools. They are place like farm school who are less motivated due to things which happens at home,environments and community. Youth is not interested in politics which sharps our country and they don't participate in helping out in communities because nobody is going around showing them it's possible to give out and still run your own life. The mind is the biggest factor in human development and a community with great minds can achieve great standards of living. Our youth should understand crime, poverty, unemployment is the lack of understanding and innovation of critical thinking. The project is all about helping them to think beyond their imagination and think in terms of becoming the next leaders in South Africa and Africa as a whole. The project is giving them services which Offers relieve in development of our country and the moment must happen across South Africa no school should be lift out, because every city has somebody who can motivate, inspire and give transformation in the minds of youth with ideas and actions which can results in youth thinking positive. The movement should invite local athlete's, artist and talented people to showcase their mental attitude and values.

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The impact will results at least of out 10 people, one or two will be transformed and the rest will be in the process of transformation. Motivation will make them think differently and this movement is not a one time event, it will happen on a monthly base till it reaches a point of being a weekly activity. They should wonder why so much effort is giving to them and the youth will know help is there to be found. After school grade -12 so much opportunity is there and critical thinking will improve the way they look at things. Dreams now for many will be possible and knowledge will prove to serve their will. The more advise you get, the better chances of life changes can occur. I know for a fact if you change the habits of your lifestyle, your life also changes, because habits is a enemy of change. So we giving them new habits to look out for not just the drugs, alcohol, abuse and tobacco most are in for. Now it's a chance for them to explore new habits. So the project includes activities like visiting prison to see what is actually going on. Meeting a real professional in a particular field like doctors, chef etc to explain what happens in the real world.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Get funding for NPO for equipment, travel vehicle, funding from business and company for travel to prison, food and necessary things needed. Collaborate with other organization like unchained youth and ask help from companies like eskom, Saps, mines, hotels ect to send one representative to elaborate more on their fields responsibility and all requirements. Youth can have clarity and also the movement involves going to church's, hospitals and rehab centers to help where needed. Many youth or people die with their hidden potential, because they was no source to help them discover themselves. We become their source of inspiration and it also helps psychologist, social worker to really get in touch in a massive way with the community.

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My name is Vincent Solomon. And I'm 27years old. I grew up in KLERKSDROP and spend most of my time in a tuck shop as I'm self employed. I love reading motivational books as I'm also an author in a making (currently busy with my book). I'm also an artist as I have my own local artists. I love giving back to community as I was involved in a car accident and I got support from local hospital, my community and family. So it's my chance to also do something for the people of South Africa. One important way is to improve the mind with the right knowledge, thoughts and ideas. The major problem in the world is mental health, which is the same reason why people commit suicide, abusive in many ways, they are stuck in one situation for a life time. They didn't get proper mental help as hospitals are full, people are lazy to go out and get help but if help is provided at least many will benefit from that project. Just like getting tested for HIV, if they is a near center you could just go fast to get tested but if they is a waiting period many won't go out their. Time is everything, so the project is about making the youth time valuable in valuable things. Many times help is not about money but the right advise and actions which can transform once mind. You can have a million, but without the right mind it is worthless. The mind sharps the way one views everything

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Hi, I think we can work together in real life, I'm doing something similar in Nigeria and it's will be a pleasure to have a partnership with someone across the globe. Nice idea, keep it up. This is my email. [email protected]