The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Best Ideas 2019 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solution or proposition for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.


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Agri-Logistics is a smart logistics social enterprise, providing agricultural value chain integrated courier, transportation and market linkages solutions. With the establishment of a competitive pricing strategy by standardization for affordability, a network of Logistics Focal Point Persons (LFFPs) and toll-free customer support system for accessibility, free agricultural advisory services, routine service audits and sophisticated software functionality, for increased reliability which results into operational excellence, that allows clients to align their business for timely trucking's services, the brand will develop a reputation for its growing impact, combined together with its innovation characterised by quality customized and tailor-made service products, as well as value chain integrated services for agricultural commodity actors/players across the country.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

By taking a farmer-centric approach, Agri-Logistics will build conditions for resilience at farm level, by creating jobs especially for youth and women involved across different respective value chains, and facilitate access to low carbon transport to smallholder farmers in Uganda through a reduction in food miles by matching the closest verified partner-trucking and courier companies to the next available job hence increased accessibility to markets for improved incomes of agricultural livelihoods. Finally, the intervention also broadly encompasses the sector, using a market-led approach so as to create efficiencies and collective impact linked to market demand.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

By aggregating a large number of authentic domestic trucking and courier companies, Agri-Logistics will build a virtual fleet larger than any other domestic provider: By offering an on-demand platform that offers price transparency, speed to delivery, and backed by a toll-free customer support system, augment a better end-to-end experience from our partner-trucking and courier companies to respective value chain players such as Farmer Producer Organizations, processors, exporters and input dealers. With this systematically intertwined value chain and technological approach, Agri-Logistics, is increasing the efficiency of supply and demand in the agricultural marketing system by connecting geographically isolated farmers to an urbanized consumer and trading population. The Agri-Logistics platform will be offered as a web and mobile app (Android and iOS) and will have five key innovations to address these market inefficiencies: Real-time platform that permits clients to align their business for timely trucking services, by connecting verified partner-trucking and courier companies to respective value chain players such as Farmer Producer Organizations, processors, exporters and input dealers, with automatic dispatch Real-time tracking and tracing to optimize routing, Online documentation to simplify paperwork for each pickup, Reduction of travel distance by matching the closest verified partner-trucking and courier companies to the next available job and Real-time payments processing

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Your profile

With core values of integrity, teamwork and innovation, Philip Deweyi is seeking to continue to advance his vision of creating societal transformation and systemic change as the founder and Executive Director of Agri-Logistics. Philip is a young, intelligent, hardworking and compassionate changemaker, with exemplary leadership skills. He co-founded Oddscrypt Limited, an ICT start-up that focuses on providing innovative and affordable digital solutions to Small Medium Enterprises in Uganda.Philip is now a columnist with the Bastion, a Media for Social Change fellow with the YES Foundation in India, and a PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) student at Ashoka.He is an alumni of the Young Leaders Forum with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and has served as the country representative for the Ambassadors of Africa-Uganda and has collaborated with Ashoka Fellow Joseph Nkandu as a Business Sustainability Assistant at NUCAFE. He has also served as a representative to the National Coffee Steering Platform: a key decision maker that contributes to addressing key sector challenges, which is also engaged in a number of strategic planning initiatives at sector level such as the Coffee Sub-Sector Communications Strategy, Domestic Coffee Consumption Strategy, and the Youth Leadership In Agriculture Strategy.

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May 17, 2019 12:46

Taking caring for the framers and their needs is a real thing. I like your idea. :)

My idea, "Let's Spread Happiness", was nominated for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition in the Best Ideas 2019 category. Please read my idea at and consider supporting my idea with comments and votes!