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Conserving Our Flora and Fauna.

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Wildlife conservation will only be successful if communities living adjacent to our forest parks and reserves are fully involved in conservation. I am a member of the Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve adjacent community in Kenya. The forest faces a threat of hunters and loggers. Animals in our forest are at a risk of destruction by traps set by hunters in the forest. Due to human wildlife conflict, communities around here think the forest has done them more harm than good. During cultivation, blue monkeys, baboons and other animals sometimes destroy crops of communities living adjacent to the forest. This has caused a negative attitude among the communities towards the forest and its animals. My idea is, there is need to start an organization in my community living adjacent to the forest. With a team of twelve members, my organization will need four motorbikes to move around the forest to destroy traps set by hunters. We'll also collect plastic and other hazardous wastes dumped in our forest by some ignorant tourists. During off hours we'll hire out the organization motorbikes and money obtained will be used to refuel them. We'll also need at least two ten-thousand litres water tanks to start a fresh water selling project. The project will sell affordable fresh water for the community around the forest. The Community will then feel benefiting from the water project hence develope a positive attitude towards conservation. In case of outbreak of forest fires, my organization members will help mobilize the community to extinguish it. Money from the water sales will be ploughed back to run the project and organization. My organization members will actively sensitize communities living adjacent to the forest on the importance of wildlife conservation. Community gatherings like meetings and ceremonies will provide a good platform to sentisize communities.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The impacts of my idea include; Cooperation among communities living adjacent to our forest in matters of conservation. Reduction in cases of hunting and logging in the forest due to sensitisation among the communities on conservation matters. Reduction in plastic wastes dumped in the forest, and also reduction in cases of traps set in the forest. Reduction in forest fires and a quick response from the community in extinguishing it in case of one. Through the affordable freshwater project communities living adjacent to the forest will feel part of the conservation family hence will embrace conservation measures.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

My organization will be a non profit one with an aim to fully involve the community around the forest in conservation matters. Twelve members of the forest adjacent community Will form my organization including me. We'll need four motorbikes,cameras, two ten-thousandlitres water tanks and starting capital for my idea to become reality. The Kenya wildlife service can only provide us security during my organization operation, in cases where we find Injured animals in the forest, we'll also inform the Kenya wildlife service to act accordingly and help where need arises. Hence for this idea to come to reality, I'll Kindly need donors to help change this dream to reality by donating finance to start my organization.

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I am Abubakar Mkwale Khamis, am a Kenyan, I was born in Kenya on August 14, 1992, I currently live adjacent to the Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve in Malindi, Kenya. Iam a son of Khamis Mwaluma a retired wildlife warden, born in a family of ten, am the fifth born. Due to my dad's nature of work I've spent most of my life living in wildlife parks and reserves. This helped me develop passion in matters of wildlife and conservation. Iam a hardworking young man with great love for wildlife. I've always had conservation matters at heart throughout my entire life. I've always voluntarily taken part in tree planting activities, and in cases of forest fire outbreaks I've been in the front line to mobilize the comunity to extinguish it. During my primary and high school studies, I was an active member of the wildlife club of Kenya. I've the love for wildlife and conservation in me hence given a chance and support, am positively sure of making a huge impact as far as matters of wildlife conservation are concerned.

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May 20, 2019 03:01

I loved this idea since conservation its really my passion, hoping for positive comments dear campus members....please and please give a positive comment and recommendations where possible!.

May 19, 2019 18:52

Its Such a beautiful idea proposal, may the Lord bless the work of my hands!...and involving communities in conservation matters is the best step in ensuring sustainability in conservation matters.