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Boneza Ball: inclusive sport for development.

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Boneza Ball is a new team sport that was invented by Jonas Ngirinshuti in 2011, in Rwanda and officially registered it in 2015 as his intellectual property after preparing its rules and regulations, equipment and trying its playability.The main objectives for Boneza Ball Connecting people to access inclusive sport, entertainment to eradicate non communicable diseases, and jobs creation for their social-economic transformation through its services and products.The main activities are organizing training for Boneza Ball coaches, referees and players. Production of Boneza Ball kits such as Imbonezo (Hoop & net), Imfashi (Posts & suspension ropes) and the balls through re-using plastic and metal wastage. Organizing clubs and schools championships.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

More than 100 youth are casually employed through its services and products making & delivery.15,000 people in community and six schools were so far given sport and entertainment opportunities, and mobilization and raise the awareness about jobs creation, avoiding of banned drugs, etc.People from different countries and continents are fascinated to learn how to play Boneza Ball and form teams. In the end of 2019 it will be disseminated and played in some schools in UK.We are re-using the plastic, leather and metal wastage to make Boneza Ball equipment and protecting our environment.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

In five years and in partnership with the ministry of sport and culture, ministry of youth and different partner, we are assuming to have at least:Dissemination in 100 schools and 30 youth centers,At least one strong Boneza Ball club in each district,Boneza Ball Federation at National level,About 500 employments through its services and products,BIGEREHO (Achieve it) Boneza Ball cup: Organize continuous championships for sport, entertainment, mobilization, advertisement and raise awareness in liaison with liable ministries and organizations.Start the design and implementation of Boneza Ball tourism centre (kits production, sporting, arts and cultural exchange)Boneza Ball expansion up to international level.

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Your profile

I am Jonas Ngirinshuti, I am a young Rwanda Innovator. I was born in 1989 and the fifth of fourteen children. I have grown with entrepreneurship passion and spirit and using available means to contribute to the social-economic transformation of our community.I have done electronics and communications in Secondary, Business Administration (Finance) in university and Masters qualification in projects management and specialization in leadership and good governance. I am talented with visual arts and music.I invented Boneza Ball in 2011 and officially registered it as my intellectual property in 2015. It was well received in community, It was disseminated in 6 schools with support of Rusizi District, Eleven teams were formed in Rusizi and Nyamasheke, and successfully had six championships so far, I attended Young Innovators trainings by MINYOUTH in partnership with UNDP and I was awarded by Dot Rwanda as Rusizi District champion in 2016 and nominated among 20 Rwandan projects under RYAA by Imbuto Foundation in 2017.

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Zirimwabagabo Romain

May 23, 2019 13:31

I know this game since 2015. It is easier to play and everyone who is interested can get in touch with the game one of made in Rwanda projects. So let keep our game. Excellent 100% I vote this project. It will create job opportunities to the peoples and youth in general especially for people with disabilities who are interested in the game