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Great Himalayan Trail (GHT) ' Sustainable Tourism and Climate Change' in Nepal

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As team this is our second GHT exploration, in 2010 we walked 121 days across high route of great Himalayan trail as individuals to promote tourism and Visit Nepal 2011. This time we are planning to explore same route with organized team of traveler, researcher, videographer, writer and supporting team in Kathmandu with objectives to document 72 villages on trail, document available tourism facilities and explore side trails, meeting communities, understand tourism possibilities and challenges, document local stories, nature and natural beauties to understand how tourism can help communities on sustainable development and employment opportunities as so far GHT exploration are fully organized meaning local benefits being porter and in pictures and visuals. Another area we aim interact and document local perspective: how communities coping with climate change as it have been highlighted that climate change is impacting High Mountain, glacier valleys, mountain hamlets. We aim to know mitigation and adaptation approach and success stories being carried out by researches, tourism and government institutions interviewing locals, weather person to make future tourism sustainable and helpful for local in economic opportunities and conserve environment. Our Approach - In Nepal Great Himalayan Trails is seems as far away adventure which most feels cant be done. Few international travelers are doing this as ultimate challenge but due to limited travel permit allowed, high cost and many permits the number of travelers are very limited. To promote this initiative website with different plans that one can choose with long and short routes, tips and requirement to visit networking with organizations and business to reach wider market. We believe once local traveler starts visiting then it wont take long to prosper area in tourism. Photo exhibition documentary film, newspaper and online article YouTube and social media will be used promote activities and possibilities.

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Sometime tourism and its contribution are just seen in number and percentage not in how diversified its contribution has been. While Analyzing tourism products and destination with number of local and international visitor in trekking tourism we can clearly see how centered is tourism in Nepal. with last 5 year average 71.97% visited Annapurna area where as 22.29% visited Everest area with 0.84% visited Kanchenjunga area 2.83% Manaslu and rest other part of Nepal. GHT reaches pass through all the these high averaged area and rest 4% marginalized location in high mountains ranges yet we hardly have information on different places to go and facilities available, till now these beautiful places are just pass by route, local helps as porter and as most of the food and resources are carried so local had not been able to benefit for tourism directly. To make tourism far reaching and in notion of sustainable tourism these small village and its tourism product need to explored, documented, expanded and promoted to local and international traveler. At first all the places might not be as other high end tourism destinations but gradually with inflow and interest place will be develop to support local population in diversifying income source. With aim to promote these beautiful locations among local and international traveler, highlight things to do and service available in 2020 we will revisit these communities with tools and technology to document to promote globally to increase inflow of local and international traveler. So that government data as mentioned get diversified and these new of new tourism area get established in coming future. As with more income activities these beautiful mountain villages will develop as well developed places like Namche, Manang, and Mustang which were before tourism as now these beautiful destinations.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Great Himalayan trail stretches over a distance of about 1700 km and passes through spectacular, high altitude mountain landscapes visiting some of the most remote villages on earth, where life remains as it was centuries back. Starting from North East Base Camp of the Kanchenjunga and ending at Hilsa. At the end of tour we will have analyzed data of all the weather, climate and rainfall station in Himalayan range, documentation of available tourism facilities and local side trails in GHT route, pictorial stories to promote remote locations, visual to promote tourism as well as documentation to highlight need for sustainable development for sustainable tourism in these beautiful remote location. Later with website, different development program, continuous exploration we aim to promote all the hidden beauties. We are developing webpage www.ghtexpeditioncom to put routes to promote globally, we are going to collaborate with friends around the world, in first stage we will be partnering with partner NGO and nonresident Nepali organization in Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada and USA. In second phase (after completing GHT) we will partner with travel and trade organization around the world for promotion. We are planning to organize different programs- photo exhibitions in Nepal and aboard, interaction session, sharing sessions and stalls at different forum for promotion of GHT and different trails. The developed website will have pictures, stories information of places and routes. We believe that model of approach will help to spread to wider audience and helps in promotion and reach potential sup[porter and travelers. For funding we are approaching global fund raising, support from friends and family, contribution from member and organizations, self contribution, approach tourism and development based association and organization and other possible sources.

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Im Sagarika Bhatta, I completed Master degree in science in 2014 as Environment Science and Management graduate with research paper Indigenous knowledge in coping climate change in three ecological region of Nepal. My primary interest is to research on climate change and its challenges for community so new approach of sustainable development program is developed. Im vice president of NGO Tourism Development Endeavors (TUDE) and Power shift Nepal where I work as Executive director focused in Tourism, community development, Environment education, employability, life skill and climate change research advocacy and activism. From 2007 TUDE have been continuously exploring different part of Nepal to understand tourism, society and possibilities to promote tourism. I curate website to promote education and learning based tourism in Nepal In 2014 Im awarded Korean Green Grant to do research on Climate change and communities. In 2016 -2017 I was selected as climate tracker for Nepal. From 2014 I have been writing and publishing stories on climate change, tourism and people in different national newspaper and online media. Currently Im doing my research on Climate change in Kathmandu valley. Exploring Nepal to see and promote tourism, to document community based knowledge, research and advocate climate change mitigation and adaptation, and engage in environment education as core to develop climate resilience community is my motivation in life. I believe that climate change and sustainable tourism are two important issues of current generation. With my organization I work with network of team from diverse background , from experienced trekkers who have done GHT and had lead many trekking programs, sustainable tourism management tutor and researcher, travel and tour leaders, Marketing and management leaders, social leaders , Environment and climate change researcher, journalist and young enthusiasts.

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Pratigya Kattel

May 17, 2019 09:33

The aim to promote these beautiful locations among local and international traveler, highlight things to do and service available in 2020 we will revisit the same communities with tools and technology to document to promote globally to increase inflow of local and international traveler can be a great evidence based advocacy. Good luck sagarika Bhatta.

Pratigya Kattel

May 17, 2019 09:32

Great Sagarika Bhatta. Best wishes. The aim to promote beautiful locations among local and international traveler, highlight things to do and service available in 2020 and revisiting the same communities with tools and technology to document to promote globally to increase inflow of local and international traveler is a great idea of tracking the changes as well as advocating evidence.

May 16, 2019 09:23

This is soo great continue educating the people around you, and we will also tend to know more about himalayan, and promote tourism among nations and please vote for my idea and thank you in advance

Dinesh Chaulagain

May 15, 2019 18:40

You are doing awesome job keep it up, my best wishes for you always and ready to help in any issues in tourism related field because I am also in tourism field and always eager to know more about it