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Waste to Clean Energy

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This idea is the modified Integrated Resource Recovery Center waste management approach which involves waste segregation at source and has been proven to be successful in local regions, especially in low and middle income cities as it addresses the issue of solid wastes at a much lower cost; and it involves the partnership with key stakeholders at regional, and multinational level. The main activities for this idea involves a multidisciplinary community based recycling approach which is a locally based, closed loop systems operated by the informal sector workers in close cooperation with municipal government sanitation workers, and it involves educating the people in communities on wastes segregation at source; Providing households, businesses, and industries etc., in these communities with waste liners for regular waste collection scheme; Enabling waste pickers to sustain house to house collection and operate a community based processing plant; Recycling paper wastes into tissue papers, smelting metals and can to produce metal pots and buckets, converting organic compost into fertilizer and subjecting other solid wastes into a process of gasification and pyrolysis to produced synthesis gas ideally a two to one molar ration of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The synthesis gas produced will be cooled and subjected to a cleaning process to remove sulfur, tars, aromatics, condensate and other impurities, after which it will be compressed into gas cylinders. The cleaned synthesis gas will be reacted with some specially made catalysts usually cobalt and iron catalysts supported on high surface area binders such as alumina, silica, and titania. The ideal condition for the temperature, pressure, and flowrate etc., to produce the Fischer Tropsch Fuels which are cleaner alternative to fossil fuels produced through conventional means.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Many developing countries including Sub-Saharan African countries, there are inadequate waste management technologies to manage the wastes generated by an increasing population, and this has resulted in most of this wastes to be either burned openly or dumped indiscriminately on land and or into river water-bodies, raising serious environmental concerns and public health concerns, when people are exposed to toxic chemical and disease causing vectors in the air, on land and or in river water when the breath polluted air, or eat food crops or marine animals grown on the polluted soil or caught in contaminated waters respectively. The expected impact of this idea includes reduction in environmental pollution, improvement in air, soil and water quality, ultimately improvement public health and the environment. I will measure social impact and success of this idea when I am able to reduce wastes in the environment; improve public health; provide inclusive job for people; replicate and expand this idea to other states and other Sub-Saharan African countries; export and sale the Fischer Tropsch fuels and reactor manufactured to other countries; and when I am recognized by the government and the international community as a social-change agent.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Our Key Partners includes Federal Ministry of Environment, Abuja Environmental Protection Board, National Environmental Standards Regulatory and Enforcement Agency, Sheda Science and Technology Complex, National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure, and Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited. Our financial source include Personal funding, crowd funding, contributions from family and friends, and investment from partners. Our key activities includes Waste Management, Clean Hydrocarbon Fuel Production, Fischer Tropsch Reactor Sale, Environmental, Monitoring Management and Impact Assessment. Our Value Proposition includes Top Quality, Environmentally Friendly, Value for money, Innovation, Reduce wastes, Reduce air pollution, Supports Climate Change Mitigation Initiatives, Improve Public Health and The Environment, Makes life worth living. Our Key Resources includes Professional and Competent Workforce; Advanced Innovative technology; Modern equipment's and machines; Retailers, direct sale agents, ecommerce, outside sales representatives, and inside sales force. Our Customer Relations includes Direct Sale Calls, Online marketing, Field marketing and ecommerce. Our Customer Segments includes Households, Large Businesses corporations, Small and Medium Scale Businesses, Industry, Government Agencies, and the Private sector.

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Joseph Edose Uwadiale, thirty one years, Abuja, Nigeria; has seven years of experience working in nonprofit, government, and private sectors, and earned the M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry 2014 and B.Sc. Chemistry 2008 degrees from University of Abuja, Nigeria. Joseph is currently a PhD Analytical Chemistry student in University of Abuja, Nigeria. Joseph is the Co-founder of Cosjodan Environmental Management Solution Limited, Nigeria, and since 23rd of April, 2018; has lead the Environmental and Technical team to carry out Environmental Management projects in order to mitigate negative impacts of human activities on the environment. Joseph previously worked as a Legislative Intern 12th February 2018 - 20th April 2018 at Policy and Legal Advocacy Center Abuja-Nigeria, and the National Assembly Senate Committee on Petroleum Downstream Sector and supported the review of the Petroleum Industry Governance Bill. Joseph also interned Research Intern 4th January - 30th December 2016 with the Corporate Environment Department of Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and helped in obtaining point source discharge permits for production facilities saving the company from fines from regulators. Joseph also worked as a Research Officer 5th July 2010 - 31st July 2012 with the Chemistry Advanced Laboratory at Sheda Science and Technology Complex Abuja, Nigeria, and helped in improving the way laboratory analysis is carried-out by developing Standard Operating Procedures for sampling and analysis. Joseph is motivation to be in the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition comes from his desire to part of social-change agents around the world that are providing solutions to address global challenges. Joseph leads from the front with vision, patience and he is a goal getter. Joseph has excellent team spirit, analytical, interpersonal, problem solving, and communication skills. Joseph is interested in innovations, researches, advocacy and awareness creation.

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