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Farm business academy

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At Plenteous we find fit to be part of the businesses supporting Sustainable Development Goals particularly goal number 4 which is Quality Education. Times have changed what our current farmers have been practicing was based on the traditional and modern education system which have being realized to be affecting the earth at large that is to say how we produce food has being contributing factor to climate change. Therefore we have designed educational programs for both rural and urban people in Botswana to adopt change on food production. We believe that installing new better ways to food production that is Eco friendly to the environment and also to the people is the best way to have a good live for the future generation. Most of the farmers have no access to quality education especially those found in rural areas. We have went far to tailor make our educational programs in different local language for better understanding of our people to understand better. We have started collaborating organizations which are in line with supporting quality education such as Go-to-Market program offered by De Beers Group with Stanford Graduate School of Business. Our programs are all focused on the new approach towards healthy food for people producing them without harming our life on earth. We believe through mentor-ship and coaching our people we can make a change.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

We expect to change mind-setup of how our local farmers have being practicing their farming. With that, we hope to have better educated farmers who produce healthy food for people also caring for the environment. This will also reduce poverty especially in rural areas, since most of the affected people are in rural areas where access to quality education is striking most. We want our people in rural areas to become educated with climate smart agriculture practices to boost healthy lives and access to food. Most of our old aged people are found to be at rural areas who are mostly affected by hunger, through our programs, we want to empower our youth to return to rural areas to partner with old age to work together on climate smart agriculture practices. This will create job opportunities for unemployed youth found in urban areas. We also want to teach our people to plant trees to promote life on land especially that we are currently experiencing heat waves. This will help a lot on improving our new culture towards making the earth safe for our future generation.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

We want to use reach our clients through face to face mass market at each district, will be also targeting military, mining organizations which have retiring or retrenched employees to be part of the re-structuring that is to say offer our training to people to have a better life after retrenchment or retiring to climate smart agriculture business ventures. We also want to partner with financing institutions to improve their services to financing agriculture projects which are certified to be Climate smart agribusiness. So far we still into talks with 5 financing institutions to partner with. We are also into talks with mining organizations to collaborate on having our programs for their staff to plan ahead for future crunch times of loss of jobs through retrenchment which can be heart stressing. We have completed our Website which will soon be running for our clients to have easy access to view our products and services. We are now working on having computer added software linked with our website and social network to calm and retain our customers. We are looking for strategic partners who can support us and also investors who can help us establish our organization to become repute and spread throughout the world at large.

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Gregory Thato Rakobe is a 29 year old Motswana who has an award in Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science from Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resource and recently completed his Master of Science Degree in Animal Management Systems. He has been award certifications on Entrepreneurship Development from Local Enterprise Authority, Supervisory Skills and Management Development from Institute of Development Management, Climate change Social Entrepreneur from Climate Exploration Hub, Property Marketing from BA ISAGO University and Executive Education for Go-to-Market from Stanford School University School of Graduate Business. Gregory has worked for Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources for 2years on National Internship Program as a Research assistant and instructor, after which he volunteered to work for one year at Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources as a Hostel Warden. During his spare time Gregory visit farmers as a consultant and currently he is building his New Company called Plenteous. Gregory has been invited by Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of to attend 29th International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth 7th-20th August 2019 in Herrsching, Germany where he will participate on his new business venture which seeks to open a Farm Business Academy for Senior Citizens and Youth to learn Sustainable and Profitable practical knowledge and Skills.

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May 17, 2019 01:05

Greetings Greg. I think this idea is a perfect fit for our generation in the sense that the Farm business academy will act as a hub for up-skilling and upscaling thus maximizing results output in Agriculture. Keep up the mometum.

May 15, 2019 23:33

It is great to note that your drive is to create awareness in modern farm practices through education. What measures will you use to become profitable because you idea will basically improve the yield and quality of the farmers' produce?
Also, what barriers are you currently faced with?