The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Best Ideas 2019 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

VIVAC The new age of Tourism

Stage of Idea conceptual stage, planning stage
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Vivac wants to be an active partner in the creation of a positive impact alliance between indigenous communities and tourism development in Mexico. Our aim is to achieve that indigenous people be completely able to manage their own cultural and natural resources getting the chance to be part of Tourism supply without intermediaries. Vivac wants to set a bridge up of mutual understanding and respect among the actors involved in the practice of Tourism (travelers, locals and environment); creating an exchange of knowledge and skills that promote the reproduction of sustainable habits that contribute to social well-being and supporting in reframing tourism practices around sustainability to foster economic growth. The idea is to make a network of people that wants to be involved in the creation of thematic routes or any touristic product that will allow better Tourism control and beneficing more than one community. We want co-create with San Nicolas, a little village located in the north of the state of Hidalgo in Mexico, an Alliance which aim will be shown to the world how amazing is this little town and the great importance of preserving and value its traditions. This town belongs to the municipality of Tenango de Doria, nowadays has been recognized by its Otomí embroidery called Tenangos that has been an inspiration for famous fashion labels as Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Due that, San Nicolas and Tenango are starting to receive some tourism. However, the infrastructure and tourism management are not enough to bring a good experience to the visitors. The economics of this village is based on remittance transfers and some farming activities, however, the region is rich in natural and cultural resources that day by day are getting lost because the lack of environment laws, migration and other social issues.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Once that this idea comes to be a project, we expect to generate courses regarding leadership, creativity and innovation, do some workshops with young people to generate innovative and sustainable opportunities in the near future. Vivac wants to be able to identify key actors in the region and achieve to offer rural services with them and develop entrepreneurial communities that make sustainability, their major value. The Tourism is an industry able to change the way to do our daily routines, day by day there are more travellers around the world, which means a great opportunity to impact them positively and achieve when they return home to implement their new knowledge and spread it with their community. Vivac wants to do more than a practice of Sustainable Tourism, we bet for the regeneration of our planet, from Mother Nature until our social fabric. To Bring to visitors the opportunity to learn about the local culture, wildlife conservation, given to them the feeling of have contributed to the greater good of the environment and local culture. How will be measured? Simple, results will be easily detected: reduction of poverty, major number of job opportunities and reduction of inequality are some aspects that will show that this project is running in a good way.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Vivac will work as a consultory with locals of San Nicolás, our financing source at this point will be our own savings and the support of some friends and family. Once that we get a potential tourism product we will start to promoting visits to this town and earn some money that will be used to invest in green energy, education and other areas that the town requires to improve its facilities and increase its Tourism supply. Our segment would be any traveller interested in practice a Responsible Tourism. Distribution channels going from Social Media until Tourism Ministry of Hidalgo and Mexico. We believe in the importance of making partnership with Government, local businesses, Universities, and locals, so the strong chain that we are able to create will be one of major support to maintain us in the global market.

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Your profile

I'm Violeta and I'm 30 years old, my major experience is related with travellers profile and the creation of tourism products, a few years ago I was a grantee of Erasmus Mundus with the project called: "EURICA" and I made a MA in Cultural Economics and Cultural Management, this allowed me to focus my daily work in Cultural Tourism and the importance of reducing the negative impacts that travel carry on, last December I took a certification of Regenerative Tourism and now, I'm working on projects related with this new wave of Tourism. Vivac is not an individual idea, for now, we are three people working on it: Isahi who is expert in International Trade, who has helped farmers in the region to search for new markets. He has conducted workshops to create added value for agricultural products and has developed business models in the communities of Acaxochitlán and students at the Polytechnic University of Tulancingo. This year he participated as a representative of the State of Hidalgo in Washington D.C., in the "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Global Innovation" program, the objective was developing a fair trade project for artisans, doing networking with institutions involved in the same field, and taking public policy classes with a local focus but global thinking; and Jenny who is native of San Nicolas and have been working on projects related to Indigenous Development.

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August 20, 2019 17:54

The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.

I am happy I make it to this point.

August 20, 2019 12:39

the ability to execute is the difference between success and failure.

I'm really proud to be with you in this competition.

August 19, 2019 14:00

An entrepreneur's ambition must be the best. If you do not have money, you must be creative.
Really proud to be with you in this competition

thank you very much for your support .

please vote . <<< "Car self-charging"

August 19, 2019 10:34

Good morning

My quote for the day: "You are capable of more than you know. Choose a goal that seems right for you and strive to be the best, however hard the path. Aim high."

Share with me a motivational quote for the day too through the link below;

August 18, 2019 22:53

Hello friend!

Do what makes your soul shine!
The best view comes after the hardest climb.
Two weeks left.

I voted for your project, I hope to count on your vote as well.

Support me at:

Have a lovely sunday!


August 18, 2019 16:28

The circular economy needs joint efforts by entrepreneurs, researchers, industries, users, government, the civil society, lawmakers, but most all it needs innovation. You can promote much-needed change in your society if you learn how to think innovatively. As entrepreneur lets work together to achieve this

August 18, 2019 16:26

The circular economy needs joint efforts by entrepreneurs, researchers, industries, users, government, the civil society, lawmakers, but most all it needs innovation. You can promote much-needed change in your society if you learn how to think innovatively. As entrepreneur lets work together to achieve this

August 18, 2019 10:39

When I was in third grade, we had a mandatory environmental Science class. The only thing i remember from that class, was when our teacher told us, 8 years olds, that the water table was falling by almost 2 feet ever year and Lake Victoria as drying up as the water levels were reducing significantly. For me, this fact suddenly converted this abstract idea of sustainable development into a very real problem that has affected many communities and people.

At what point in life did you get to know about sustainability?


August 18, 2019 10:30

We have to go with plan B.

Some of our friends told us that they can't use the link that I sent to them. So the other option for entering our business Slack group is that you left your email address in the comment's part of my idea, and I can invite you to the group via your gmail. I hope everyone that didn't join yet, consider collaborating with lots of people in this campus.

Niky Anique

August 17, 2019 18:06

Hello Everyone,

I want to tell you that as people in our Whatsapp group asked us to create a business group as well. we made a Slack group with this ID:

people will add their career in this group and you can reach them more easily, more sustainable and more efficient. Hope to see you there.

Niky Anique

August 17, 2019 10:46


Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.
- Stephen King

Support me at:

Have a great weekend!


August 17, 2019 05:31

Hi Dear,

I am here today to encourage you to remain focus till the end of this competition.

Remember,time is the mighty hand that rocks the eternal cradle of progress and nurses struggling humanity through that period when man needs protection against his own ignorance and most importantly Life is not a goblet to be drained it is a measure to be filled.

All the best.

August 17, 2019 03:55

your idea is just awesome you have all of my support keep it up and good luck from the bottom of my heart
all the love from Palestine
Check my ideas out
Glove-y :
Yalla Tour

August 16, 2019 21:36

Hey again,

Let's keep supporting each other by helping the ones who has less opportunity than the others, I want to introduce the third person who I want to assist with, Shwetha from India, she has an idea about reducing hunger, which is one of my intentions too. so let's bombardment her idea with suggestions and comments and votes as you wish, you can reach her at

thanks a lot
Niky Anique

August 16, 2019 14:21

Hey Guys,

Another campaign to make equal opportunity for everyone of us. This time I want to talk about Susmita who also has difficulties about working with site too. I want you to take a look at her link and do as much as you can to make equal situation for her too. she works on disability as a matter of how you look into it. here is the link

Thanks for staying in touch
Niky Anique

August 16, 2019 13:59


Its not enough to have a high impact programme if there's no effective strategy for sustaining the organisation financially. And neither is it enough to be financially stable: we build our organisations for impact not for financial stability. #letsbesustainable

August 16, 2019 13:28

Hello Violeta,

I must tell you, your idea sounds well organized and creative. This will help to create a new platform for the sustainable development of San Nicolás. Responsible tourism should be promoted more for the development of rural and urban tourism. Here are some links for you to read and analyze more about the development of your project:


Best of luck for your Sustainable project and Keep working hard you will be successful one day.

Md Ahad Bhuiyan

August 16, 2019 12:20

Hello everyone,
Recently in the group that we made, I found out that some of our campus members, don't have good facilities to work properly on their idea/project like good internet connection, and that really bothered me because I think this platform is made to help us all and this is unfair if any of us stay behind just because lack of good internet connection. So this time I am promoting one of our campus member name Alexo and his link, and I ask you to do anything that you can to make this platform equal for him too.

Niky Anique

August 15, 2019 18:28

Look around you. Even the most developed countries face problems related to lack of education, gender equality, corruption, access to health care, etc. Even if there is little we can do on key issues such as wars and religious conflicts, we can all take action when it comes to reducing inequality, responsible production and consumption.

Thank you so much.

August 15, 2019 17:30

I respect what you're trying to do, keep it up and I'll be supporting you everyday!! Good luck !!!!!!!
all the love from Palestine
Check my ideas out
Glove-y :
Yalla Tour

August 15, 2019 16:30

8 Habits for Success:

1) Read everyday
2) Focus on high-level tasks
3) Make your health a priority
4) Learn from people you admire
5) Plan your day the night before
6) Keep your goals in front of you
7) Take action, even when it's scary
8) Have a powerful & inspiring "Why"
----Adapted from Time Book Life + The Grow Prosper.

I have done my daily duty as usual by voting for your idea/project. Remember to support me too via the URL below.


Your Support Matters!

August 15, 2019 12:56

Even if we don't win this competition, our idea already expended in many demonstration and the good News is, this competition was our big shout to introduce ourselves world wildly. please keep supporting us, as you did until now, we are still doing the same. you can reach us at Together we can conquer borders.

Niky Anique

August 15, 2019 12:51

I respect what you're trying to do, keep it up and I'll be supporting you everyday!! Good luck !!!!!!!
all the love from Palestine
Check my ideas out
Glove-y :
Yalla Tour

August 15, 2019 09:46


You have a great initiative that has all the potential to reach great heights never let yourself down because of competition and try your level best in all the obstacles that you would face while getting this idea/project into existence/ expansion. Myself being a contestant and a fellow budding entrepreneur, wholeheartedly feel such idea should be available to all the people across various countries and i would like to be one of those privileged people to support it.

August 14, 2019 22:09

Hello!!! #DailySupport

Look for something positive in every day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.
We are almost there! Only 17 days left...

Just to let you know that i just voted your idea again.

You're welcome to vote and comment on my idea as well at:

My project is to facilitate reintegration of the vulnerable people into society, by encouraging entrepreneurship and job creation, through an Ecological Community.

Let's continue supporting each other!

August 14, 2019 22:03

Hello Guys,

we just achieve a new level of friendship with many other contestant in the campus. We are going to show our cities to each other right after campus, with the algorithm of Weview. you can join us, and know a lot more about other places in the world. Check us out on We welcome comments and votes as well.

Niky Anique

August 14, 2019 10:08

Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. chack out my idea to know more about my culture

I voted for you

August 14, 2019 08:14

Good morning.
I noticed i have never personally engaged with you. with only a few days left to the end of this, i am here to support you and look forward to your support it as well as personal engagement on my page.

VOTE: 41

August 13, 2019 19:59

Fear is a natural occurrence. You shouldn't be afraid of failures but fear that you are exactly where you are last year and yesterday. With only 18 days left in these competitions, now is the appropriate time to move your blue bar and accumulate more votes. For me, you have my endless support until August 31st.


#vote 40

August 13, 2019 17:27

Hey people,

Do you believe that only in 24 hours the number of our Whatsapp group become more than 50 person?

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Niky Anique

August 13, 2019 13:42

"Anyone can be anything!"

This is the phrase that everyone use about America. But with Weview, even all of us who does not live in America, can have the same opportunity to be anything we wish. We could be our own buss and our own manager, who tell how much money come to our pocket.

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Niky Anique

August 13, 2019 08:25

As leaders we need to shift focus away from our own success, to making an investment in developing others. I measure my own success as a leader by how well the people who work for me succeed. How do you measure your success as a leader?


August 12, 2019 19:47

Hello everyone,

By now we are 14 participates in the Whatsapp group and we are going to have very active and functional plans. I invite you to join this group again, so the fun that we are going to have, increase more. This is the link of the group again as @Shailly created and share it before.

Wait to see you all that did't join yet.

Niky Anique

August 12, 2019 13:26

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Niky Anique

August 12, 2019 02:12

Let us all support @Shaily with the big, good ana exciting News that she share with us. If you didn't get her comment, wait for it and if you did, join our family.

Niky Anique

August 11, 2019 20:32

We talk about ourselves, our idea and project and our intention for future a lot, but we barely talk about the campos that gave us the opportunity that no one else does. I believe that many people got together to bring this platform to live that WE can use it. Many competition put judges at the beginning and there will be no room for us to try, but this campus let us try our best and then judge us. This time, I want you all to think about it again as I did, and let's thanks all the people who are working to help us improve.

Niky Anique

August 11, 2019 19:57

Dear friend, I would like to send you a lot of thanks I have been receiving lots of love and support from you.
As I know you have such a brilliant idea, am encouraging you to work hard and ensure that bar grow big we only have 20 days before the end of this competition as entrepreneur we are obliged to make the world a better place to live through our innovative idea and we can only achieve the SDG when we are working together as one.

did you know!! you are not just helping me but you are helping differently able out there in the society who have still lots of hopes and aspirations to do something.
kindly, support my idea with vote and leave a comment with your link for your idea.

I am wishing you all the best at your life.

August 11, 2019 17:45

If you succeed people will know your name, if you do not you will become statistical data and That is s not that bad. You and other people will learn what not to do or how to do it in a different way. I am here to remind you that you should never give up your journey of entrepreneur, I am also inviting you to read my idea that is promoting SDG 18: Tourism and promoting culture and heritage in Namibia

kindly support my idea on the link below

Naemi Likius

August 11, 2019 11:33

If you have difficulties on following me, you can give me your Instagram ID or phone number, and after the campus we can share our culture and touristic places with each other, with the idea of weview app. I hope I can hear from you soon. But don't forget that you can still vote for me or comment on my idea at

Niky Anique

August 10, 2019 19:15

Please follow @weview_app on Instagram, therefore we can be in touch even after the competition, my intention is to show you my city and my culture via my idea and see yours too. This is the link of our Instagram page:

You can also still talk to me via comment or vote for me if you still think my idea will do good, just by clicking on my name.

Niky Anique

August 9, 2019 21:08

Frederick Flach, doctor, psychiatrist and American author, emphasizes that the creative act is not something that comes out of nowhere; instead, it reorganizes existing facts, ideas and systems, Go to the top, I vote for your advancement in the contest, go to the top

Don't forget support me back
thanks for all

August 8, 2019 23:30

Now we are ready to take off!

I'm here today not to promote my page or ask you to vote for me or comment on my idea, I finally run the Instagram page of Weview and I add a video about my idea, which explain my idea in Persian, but as you know my idea, you can enjoy the video itself. you can also link your idea's page to my comments that My people can see you too and vote for you too, If you see my page and my posts cool and fun ( Pictures has caption in English too), you can like, follow or suggest me to other people. you can see my page in my link. Thanks for coming this far.

Niky Anique

August 8, 2019 11:03

Hello dear,
vote 37.
A wonderful idea and I am here to support your idea.let's support each other daily.share your idea link with comment on my and other entrepreneurs idea.
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Thank you.

August 8, 2019 09:45

Let's take a break,

I want to tell you a story of two frogs that was trying to jump up a hole, while many other frogs around them was shouting that they can't make it! As soon as one of frogs fell down many times and gave up, the other make it to the top, it appears that this frog was deaf!!!

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Niky Anique

August 8, 2019 04:22

Thank you, all the ideas are amazing and I\'m sure they will change somthing in our beautiful word. Thank you for your support and be sure I will give you a vote.

Have a great day, I wish you all the best in this competition and kindly support my idea on the link below:

August 6, 2019 21:29

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." Am bringing you this quote to inform you that when you fail once does not mean you should give up that is not in the bloodstream of entrepreneur. I wish you all the best in this competition and kindly support my idea on the link below

Naemi Limits

August 6, 2019 20:52

Good evening

Did you know that women die as a result of complications during and following pregnancy and childbirth? Most of these complications develop during pregnancy and are preventable and treatable as long as mothers attend antenatal care and are able to freely consult with medical canters. What are your thoughts about my idea to solve this situation? See my idea Mothercare app from the link below;

August 6, 2019 17:42

Today is a very special day to me.

as long as I was late at entering the competition, from day one I put 12 hours a day to work on this. Today I'm going to make it 18 hours which includes doing online courses, reading blog, read the idea of 50 of you guys and comment specially for them and vote, and send a comment to all of you by an inspiration comment to support you all. I also start my Instagram page for my idea which I introduce you soon. thanks for having my back. Let's do everything together and go up to the moon and stars.

you can see, vote for and comment on my idea at, it will join the world together to conquer borders.

Niky Anique

August 6, 2019 15:40

Unconscious Bias is a huge topic and sometimes have been seldom neglected by Talent Acquisition Managers, Leaders and Managers alike, etc. Unconscious bias according to Gordon (2018) is the attitudes or stereotypes that can influence our views, actions, and our decision-making ability. This attitude ranges from the already being familiar with the organization, the management and the employees which create room for favouritism and cloud our judgment of making a reasoned decision. Learn more about how unconscious bias can affect you and your business and daily living from arriving at a reasoned decision here


August 6, 2019 13:39


Well done and thank you so much for your daily support lets continue supporting each other until the end of the competition, you can read my idea too "waste papers recycling to useful products" and support it with a vote and comment

August 5, 2019 20:34

If your idea wasn't meant to be out there, It wouldn't came to your mind in the first place. I believe that the world needs your attention to do so. it's the idea that finds you, not the opposite and if any idea finds you, stick with it, because you are chosen and the best person who can do it, whatever brought you here, can take you anywhere you wish.

I don't want you to just vote my idea or comment for it. I want you to put 10 minutes and read it and then tell me what you really think of it. Find me at

Niky Anique

August 5, 2019 14:16

Good morning,

How is your project progressing? I hope you are doing well. I am here another day to show you my support with a vote and a comment. Please, do not give up and keep pushing, I am sure that you can help a lot of people with this project!

Together we are stronger

Kind Regards,

Future Seeds:

August 4, 2019 22:44

Hey Violeta

I am here to support you with my vote and comment. Every Great Idea which help in sustainability goals is a step towards better world.

I am aiming create a platform for sustainable tourism which includes every step of Travel while generating financial support to locals.: Take a look at my idea
Eco Foot Print Free Travel and request you to vote and comment on my idea as well


August 4, 2019 20:08

Some ideas are small step for us, and big step for humanity!

Help us with just one comment or vote to conquer borders in and reduce poverty, Unwanted immigration and unemployment!

August 4, 2019 19:11

I am here to support you through a vote. I hope i can count on your vote as well. All the best in further implementation. Please access my idea through the link below;

VOTE: 32

August 4, 2019 19:10

I am here to support you through a vote. I hope i can count on your vote as well. All the best in further implementation. Please access my idea through the link below;

VOTE: 32

August 3, 2019 22:38

Even if you can't vote today, you can still reduce poverty, unemployment and unwanted immigration just by one comment!

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Niky Anique

August 3, 2019 21:42

Hello my dear friend am here to offer my late support

I would want to tell you how lucky I have met you on this platform

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Naemi likius
[email protected]

August 2, 2019 22:11

Hello friends.. An interesting fact about my idea is that our tourism center is very unique in a sense that you do not only read about our ancient culture and see the collection of cultural artifacts but you also have a chance to participate in cultural activities and enjoy the meals in a cultural environment... So please do follow the link below to vote for me..

Naemi Likius
Oshikulu Cultural and Living museum

August 2, 2019 21:01

Hello dear innovator

tradition lives because young people come along who catch its romance and add new glories to it. Look up on my idea as we cherish culture and traditions. follow the link below and vote for my idea. i will keep on voting yours too. also search for OSHIKULU CULTURAL VILLAGE CC on you tube and subscribe.

August 2, 2019 11:18


It is not enough to hope, wish and plan for changes. You actually have to get up and take action. The difference between people who succeed and those who never get ahead is that those who succeed changed their choices along the way - James Pollard of The Advisor Coach

With Just 28 days to the deadline. you need to get up and take action to succeed in this competition as well as utilize the educational & inspirational information shared with us on the blog and online trainings. The more you network with members online, the more you get inspired by what fellow youths are doing. Your dreams are valid - make them a reality through hard-work and determination.

VOTE: 29

August 2, 2019 03:25

Thank you! and Regards from Mexico!!

I will check your profile and of course give you a vote :) I hope you could support my idea too. Toguether we will change the world :)

Thank you!

August 1, 2019 10:29

Hello Innovator

Welcome to the campus you have such a brilliant idea, am encouraging you to work hard and ensure that bar grow big we only have one month before the end of this competition as entrepreneur we are obliged to make the world a better place to live through our innovative idea and we can oly achieve the SDG when we are working together as one.

I am wishing you all the best in this competition and am inviting you to support my idea that is promoting tourism and nurturing culture in the world, kindly vote and leave a comment with your link.

Naemi Likius

July 31, 2019 21:26


In life in general we are always faced with challenge, and we should face this challenge our head high. Therefore as entrepreneurs we are bound to face such challenges, this could be a delay in our stock, failure in the process of producing a certain product and that does not mean we should give up, but rest and restart, remember Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottle on their first year of production.

I wish you all the best and remember that great things are yet to come. kindly support my idea on the link below

Enjoy your weekend

Naemi Likius
Oshikulu Cultural Village and Living Museum

July 31, 2019 20:39

hello from Namibia.

Its very exciting and interest to learn about the world's different culture. Hey remember we are living in a global village. My Idea give it all about our Namibian culture in Southern Africa. follow the link below to vote for my idea and check out on our offer. follow us also on YouTube for more updates.


July 31, 2019 16:26

Buen día Violeta:

Deseándote buenas vibras en su proyecto, su idea motiva a apoyar a Vivac, ya que deja claro que este contribuye con el turismo y economía para los habitantes de San Nicolás mediante acciones sostenibles que brinden oportunidades a los locales, todo esto con el apoyo de su equipo de trabajo.
Creo que realmente pueden concluir exitosamente este reto, mi voto es para ustedes, saludos cordiales.

July 31, 2019 04:22

Hello dear friend,

Your idea/ project is the pathway to the future we want for all as it aims to contribute towards positive change in the society.

Lets continue supporting each other with votes and comments! Your support matters.

Here is the link to my idea page, Please support me by reading, commenting and voting ...

Best regards and go ahead my dear friend

July 31, 2019 04:03

Hi Regina!

Thank you for your support and comments, we hope generate a positive impact in our region with this idea that soon will be a project.
I wish you the best and now, I will check your idea :)

July 30, 2019 18:19

Hi Violeta,

Keep working hard as you make changes that benefit the entire society and the tourism sector. Your idea is very sustainable and will impact sustainable tourism in your community. Best wishes and welcome to the Entrepreneurship Campus. Voted at No. 7. Remember to support me too by following the link below. Thank you!


Your Support Matters!

July 30, 2019 17:13

Days and months have gone by as well all await for this journey to come to an end. With one deadline being tomorrow, deep down we all cant wait for the next deadline to pass by. We have only tomorrow to make all the changes we want. You might not receive many improving and meaningful suggestions from us the online campus members but you can get numerous suggestions from the blog and when you do the online trainings. I hope this helps. All the best.