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CDARH is to test the power of using artificial intelligence (chanjia) in improving the dissemination of immunization related information(reminders,where,when,frequency, vaccine reaction etc ) to care givers in the Rural Uganda.Mrs Kyomuhendo Alice is mother of 12, who used not believe in Immunization of her children just because she was told if you immunize your child she will fall sick for 3 months by a friend .One day she saw a Tv advert saying if you have any question about Immunization please download our friendly health care adviser and ask her all .She downloaded Chanjia and on Registering she was sent a unique code(sms) which she was told to keep because she will always use it .The following Morning she woke-up wanting to get the truth about what her friend told her.She logged in and interaction between her and chanjia began and by end of the session she had come realize that what her friend had told her was wrong and Kyomuhendo was actually empowered on advantages of Child Immunization .This Changed her way of thinking about wrong Immunization perception and was convinced to take her last born James for immunization at the nearest health canter by Chanjia and went a head to direct and guide her on where and when to take James for Immunization . Four days to Immunization day ,Chanjia sent daily reminders (sms) to Kyomuhendo about time and date of the next Immunization exercise.Few days later Kyomuhendo met her friend Rodah a mother of 5 children upon sharing the news,Rodah got interested to chat with chanjia but did not have a smart phone,she was advised to call chanjia using her basic phone.she also came to know the truth.As I speak these two take their children for Immunization

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

During Pilot 130100 care givers got information about immunization by directly interacting with Chanjia,there was increase in uptake of immunization in the pilot stage districts of Kampala,Wakiso,Mityana by 3.6% .Data and insights generated generated helped district authorities to know which health canters to give more vaccines ,which ones dnt perform as expected and Citizens were able to hold government accountable for any loophole using the Platform. We measure success by analysis the data analysis reports produced by this artificial Intelligence system . .

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Sustainability and future plans

How ever much we are not looking at generating supper normal Profits ,We ask those to use our system to subscript (though very affordable) and Profit got is re-invested back to increase the scope .We also sell our data to laboratories and government agencies and still money got is re-invested back to increase the scope of chanjia. As per Implementation Plan in five years from now we would have scaled up to eleven African Countries including DRC,South Sudan,Tanzania,South Africa ,Malawi,Ghana,Nigiria etc.We also intend to partner with IBM labs for improved version 3 of the Chanjia.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Am Nabuuma Shamim Kaliisa, a takeda Young Entrepreneur award Winner 2018,Young Africa Entrepreneur award 2018,Awief Social Entrepreneur Award Winner 2018,Tony Elumelu Entreprenuer program Alumni 2018 .

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May 21, 2019 07:13

CDARH is a great project because is testing the power of using artificial intelligence (chanjia) in improving the dissemination of immunization related information(reminders,where,when,frequency, vaccine reaction etc ) to care givers in the Rural area.This project will help save alot of children's lives and present any future occurrence of diseases or death in the future.
Kindly click the link below to comment on my project!

Kenyena Mariat

May 18, 2019 17:07

Supporting this Project is one way towards building Sustainable Communities and increasing Economic resilience.
Bravo to Tree Uganda Academy. Wish you many more votes.