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Honeycomb Cigarette

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Honeycomb cigarette name comes from the fabric Airmesh which looks like a honeycomb structure. The main objective of this project is effective filtration of carbonyls, other harmful and potentially harmful constituents in the mainstream of the cigarette and reduce the effects of passive smoking. Though there are several alternatives like E-cigarettes, filers, and herbal cigarettes the rate of smoke related diseases and deaths remains the same. The main issue that I see in here is that the consumers never get the satisfaction of smoking by using those products. Moreover any smoke related product is harmful to the lungs so we cant prevent it but can reduce the effects. So I wanted to modify the filter of an ordinary cigarette which is in the market. Ordinary cigarette has several harmful chemicals including Carbonyls, including formaldehyde and Acrolein. To make an effective filtration system I chose the combination of two fabrics namely Airmesh(Honeycomb structure) + Polyamide. After doing several researches about Activated charcoal I found its the ideal ingredient for this process. In present several companies are manufacturing cigarettes with activated charcoal but some people are afraid that during smoking the coal particles may diffuse to the lungs as there are small slits in the end of the cigarette filter. Inorder to make the filtration more effective I liquefied the Activated charcoal and infused the liquid portion to the polyamide layer and made tiny pelleted form and placed it in the Airmesh layer. To prevent the diffusing of the charcoal I placed the processed fabric in the two middle consecutive places thus the normal rigifoam of the cigarette retains in the outside (mouth side). This effective filtration system helps in the reduction of total particulate matter, tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide which is excessively emitted from the normal cigarettes.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Testing process of the smoke from the mainstream of Honeycomb cigarette is still on-going. Series of structural designs for the filter were tested and a reliable model was chosen. Initially single Activated charcoal infused composite fabric was bridged in the middle of the fabric and gave good results. Inorder to make the process more efficient the composite fabric was placed in two consecutive places keeping the normal rigifoam to the mouth end. This resulted in the reduced total particulate matter, tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide which is excessively emitted from the normal cigarettes. Normally filters of the cigarettes are non-biodegradable, in the Honeycomb cigarette the case is same but the charcoal part of the composite fabric can provide a positive effect on the environment. Smoking can't be completely stopped from the society but the rate of smoke related diseases and deaths can be controlled by reducing the harmful chemicals, carcinogens that are emitted from the mainstream of the cigarette. This also leads to the decreased rate of passive smoking health issues. Introduction of the cigarette to the local market in a low price makes the consumers to switch to this specific brand moreover spending more money and burning their selves to death. This also helps the consumers from switching to Bidi which is a tobacco alternative commonly used in rural area. Mostly consumers don't get the satisfactions of smoking by using products that are already present in the current market, so they again fall into the taste of ordinary cigarette. Honeycomb cigarette are made from ordinary cigarette with a modified filter to give a better satisfaction to the consumer.

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Sustainability and future plans

The key ingredients used in this process include Airmesh + Polyamide combined fabric, Activated charcoal made from coconut shell and normal cigarette(Goldleaf). The composite fabric (Airmesh + Polyamide) 1m costs Rs.260 LKR. From a 3 * 3 inch composite fabric you can make more than 10 cigarettes. The Srilankan price of a Goldleaf cigarette costs Rs.65 LKR. The price of the cigarette is increased recently due to addition of taxes. My intention is to provide Honeycomb cigarette to the srilankan market in a lower price range with collaboration with Ceylon Tobacco Cooperation. This may create a barrier among the existing cigarettes and people from switching to Bidi which is a tobacco alternative. As no any additional gadgets or filters are required to smoke the cigarette it gives the satisfaction to the consumer as an ordinary cigarette. This may result in the decreased smoke related diseases, deaths, passive effects and a sustainable growth in the company.

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I am a Graduate Bachelor of Science(Hons) Biotechnology at Nilai University of Malaysia. I am 25 years old energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task I undertake or situation that I am presented with. My Final year Research on Development of water resistant, moisture absorbent, chemical resistant and non-ignitable fabric.(2018). I received ISO 9865:1991(BundesmannRainshower Test) certification, ISO 811:1981 (Hydrostatic Pressure Test) certification and16 CFR 1610 (Flammability Test) certification. Patenting of my research is ongoing. I participated in the Entrepreneur challenge 2.0 organised by AIESEC Srilanka 2018. Past 6 months I am working on the project Honeycomb cigarettes and now its in the completion stage. In Srilanka the rate of smoke related diseases and deaths are getting higher, moreover due to the recent taxes posed on cigarettes people are switching to Bidi which is a tobacco alternative. Eventhough there are so many products as an alternative for cigarette in the market they are not completely safer to consume and the rate of consumption and deaths remain the same. This made me to make Honeycomb cigarettes which has the ability to reduce the health effects and effects of passive smoking.

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