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Aid You

Your title/position Co-Founder and CEO
Type of Enterprise informal program/project
Year the ngo or company was founded 2016
Website Aid You
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Aid You is a community-based initiative that was pioneered to sensitize the populace on the causes, treatment, and prevention of heart diseases as a means to reduce on the rapidly increasing number of deaths caused by heart diseases. What We Do; We conduct outreaches to schools and communities where we sensitize the attendees on the causes and various treatments of heart diseases, engaged them in sports activities like football and train them Basic life support skill that can enable them to provide first aid in case of an emergency like heart attacks. Additionally, we are developing Aid You a mobile application that shall be installable on Android and iOS phones with the aim of providing a fast rescue in less than 6 minutes, to avoid cerebral damage and death of the victim. In order to achieve this, we are registering volunteers from all around the world to provide emergency medical assistance to cardiovascular patients in case of a heart attack. These volunteers receive a free 3 months Emergency Medical Service training from certified partners in the medical sector and after we equip them with the required tools to be used in the field in case of an emergency. Our Mission; "Building emergency friendly and collaborative communities to scale down deaths caused by heart diseases.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Through creating awareness on heart diseases, we have accentuated the fight against heart diseases by involving the community: we have sensitized them on the causes of heart diseases and the means of prevention. we have trained them on basic life support skills which rendered them with the knowledge to perform first aid in case of an emergency like heart attack we engage them in sports activities which keep their bodies healthy, promotes unity and peace Additionally, the making of mobile cardiologist has rendered a digital nursing platform that bridges the gap between the cardiologist and the patient by monitoring and sharing the electro activities of the patient's heart to the doctor and providing medical, diet and physical exercise recommend to the patient thus improving on the accessibility of health care. We have reached out to 500 students from Uganda and 600 students from Italy from the age of 8 18 in both countries, 72 youths out of school, 28 housewives who we have sensitized on the causes, treatment and prevention of heart diseases, engaged them in sports activities like football and introduced them to Basic Life Support procedures to enable the do first aids in case of an emergency. Additionally, we have so far received 400 volunteers applications who are yet to receive Emergency medicine/ First aid training from our partners in this field and after the 3 months training we will provide them with the pieces of equipment they need in the field In total, we have impacted 2047 people through our various activities with a goal of impacting 20,000 people this year (2019)

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Sustainability and future plans

The financing resources will come mainly from NGO's, government grants and donations. As we are planning to build a large network of volunteers, we expect a minimum fee to be paid in some countries to ensure the sustainability of operational costs. The future growth will follow our development plan. We will ensure the building of a large ambassador program around Africa, Europe and Asia to connect and organise outreaches to different communities.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Totally driven by my MTP: "Making healthcare affordable to everyone". A young student and a visionary startupper. I co-founded Mobile Cardiologist in 2017, in charge of CEO and software developer, with the aim to work on the SDG #3. I am a member of the Peace First community interacting with young leaders that are bringing notable changes in the world. I also work as Ambassador at Young Sustainable Impact (YSI) innovation program, operating in the Italian territory. Founder of a local innovation program and incubator in Italy, empowering peers to take advantage of the information we have around and create distruptive ideas in the community. Worked as activities coordinator at the European Youth Event (EYE 2018), in the european parliament. Semifinalist at the Diamond Challenge 2019, a global entrepreneurship competition, and Invited to participate to the World Government Summit 2019 as an attendee. What else? I am looking forward re-image the future of education.

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