The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Best Projects 2019 features all the nominated entries submitted ‘Submit your Project’ category. All the entries consist of innovative projects run by existing enterprises in the form of businesses, NGOs or informal programs.

Entrepreneurial mindset the true way forward for an improved world through education

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Type of Enterprise non-profit organization, informal program/project
Year the ngo or company was founded Two thousand and twelve
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Someone cares is a project that takes into consideration the selfless dedication of primary school teachers, we have as our main objective to revolutionalize the mindset of the younger generation into growing with an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. This however can be achieved if the primary school teachers are actively involved. In this regard, we organize seminars to educate the teachers on the relevance of competency base methods of teaching, we also have set a platform where the most dedicated and hardworking teachers would be compensated. The pay package that a primary school teacher gets is nothing compared to the amount of work they put in. We however can never pay them enough, and that is why we have a motivation plan to reward them for their hard work.. In schools that do not have toilets, we donate toilets and make sure the school environment is conducive for Learning. We are also aware that inability to get requirements to go to school is a paramount problem of most kids especially in the rural areas where we pay more attention. To solve this, we also donate textbooks, exercise book and writing materials to pupils.The most important thing is followup, we make sure we followup to make sure the teachers understand the orientations we give them and to measure the level of progress.There are communities with schools that don't have good drinkable water, during study hours pupils rather walk long distances to fetch water to drink and for the school. It is for this reason that we decided that a school of such nature will be giving a ball hole. In some schools we rather provide water filters to enable them purify the water that they drink. The younger generation should be problem solvers and proactive enough to create jobs.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Since the start of our organization in two thousand and eleven, we have held several workshops and donated textbooks and writing materials to schools like GS ALAMANDOM in mankon a remote area located in the northwest regional part of Cameroon.During this visit, we had a meeting with the staff of the school, educated them on our objectives and goals, donated the materials and also had feedback on which other issues plaquing the school. Amongst the problem was the fact that the school does not have a toilet, pupil litter excreta all over the campus which was very detrimental to their health. Also the school has no drinkable water. Fortunately enough it would be easy to dick a hole that can give them pure water.In two thousand seventeen. It was the turn of a small village call Alanki. The youths there were very reckless and majority of them do not go to school. We visited the place and have a talk with almost the entire village.

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Sustainability and future plans

In two thousand seventeen, someone cares(SOC). Had its most recent project . so far we are setting up a poultry farm that can in turn generate funds to support our activities. Till date the organization depends on the founders personal income to run their activities in the next two years we wish to reach out to one thousand five hundred schools in rural areas across Africa and Cameroon in particular. We believe that our poultry can support forty five percent of our activities providing everything remains equal.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am Che Victor Achiri, I am twenty two years. I confirm that this is my age and I will provide real documentations to back up my age when need arise. I grew up in a small locality in Cameroon precisely in the northern regional part. Growing up as a kid, I had friends who were not as blessed as I was to have been gifted with parents that could take proper care of them, I had a twin friend who barely had shoes to put on to school and I always remove my own shoe and put in my bag to make sure we walk barefooted together. At that time I only thought I was concerned about my friends. Two of them were very brilliant despite the fact that they hadn't books nor a comfortable house to live in, not to mention how hard they tried to feed. They thought me how to read and write at the age of four. When I enrolled into secondary school, my friends did to but along the way they had to drop because their family could not support their fees. I continued since my family was capable. My friends situation got me worried and I began to think how bad it is to want to go to school but there is no means, its even harder when you have people around you yet no one borders about you. It is for this singular reason I came about the initiative called SOMEONE CARES(SOC). What if the basic education they were able to obtain in primary school was capable of transforming their minds into thinking entrepreneurial or perhaps the basic education they had could identify their skills and help them improve on it. They would probably be self employed. I am innovative

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