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Affiliate Marketing Business

Your title/position Affiliate Marketer
Type of Enterprise informal program/project
Year the ngo or company was founded 2016
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Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways people make money online. It is a strategy where an individual partners with a business in order to make a commission by referring readers or visitors to a business's particular product or service. Bounty CPA, My Alpari, Admitad all have related products to be promoted but different commission base on company difference and the brand of the products. Tee Spring deals with unisex clothing, shoes, bags and stickers. Below is an overview of the marketing strategies and objectives of the Affiliate Marketing Website:-Develop promotional giveaways that will draw users to the website via viral marketing methods.-Establish relationships with advertisers that are targeting a computer savvy younger demographic. -Develop an expansive online presence through the use of pay per click marketing and search engine optimization. -Promote a given product to the required audience/buyers. -Exceed the needs of the customers/buyers constantly and consistently. -To become the recognized leader in its targeted market as a platform where people can learn about products with the intent to purchase products from third parties. And as I achieve this great goals I will be a source of guide and help to others who is willing to make a great success working independently with legit online business/affiliate marketing business.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Affiliate marketing business is a life time business that whoever that utilize and follow the strategies of the business will make a continuous and increasing profit daily for life time. Many has succeeded greatly online with affiliate marketing and many more people is going to succeed independently with affiliate marketing business for the business is number one trending online business now linking the world together. Irrespective of the country and region you are, you can do this business with targeting access to other countries and regions base on its social media promotions, online and offline promotions that mostly warrant finance for proper product promotion to the required customers and most importantly the conversation rate which is the most important, for without conversation other things are waste of time. Poverty and unemployment will be a forgotten story for the youth and whoever that engages on this affiliate marketing. The world market is rapidly growing online as of now review, mostly buying and selling are transacted online thereby creating a free space to our general environment. With affiliate marketing business the rate of unemployment and nuisance youth will be reduced to zero percent for anybody can do the business when trained properly.

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Sustainability and future plans

Affiliate marketing business is a home base business. One can do it in any place of convenience, in the office or at home. Affiliate marketing business needs one time capital source after which the business will continuously and constantly yield profit for life sustainability and its maintenance, that's why affiliate marketing business is good business for as much as all the required materials and resources for the startup of the business are met, the business will begin to flourish. I'm seeking for the sum of #200,000 to fund/start an affiliate marketing business that will stand, grow and make a required profit. I needed this funding for I always wanted to work my way out, be independent and also be beneficial to others through my achievements in affiliate marketing. But without funding/financing my affiliate marketing business for a start my purpose and plan might not be "achievable"...God forbid. I promise to put in my best in making my affiliate marketing business plan a reality once its funded. As the employers of labour market has failed me, I can't afford to fail myself. With this capital, with this funding I will startup and stand better in affiliate marketing business. Please, here are the breakdown of the fund: Affiliate Marketing Website........................................................#55,000 Online Training From Global Freelance Academy...................#30,000 Products Promotion To Paid Traffic.........................................#90,000 Training Materials/Miscellaneous Expenses...........................#25,000I hereby specially thank the management and sponsorship of this program "Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition" for initiating this program to support the youths and entrepreneurs of all level, may your work be rewarded in abundance. I also thank you for finding my application worthy/elegible of this program, and I appeal to grant me this fund to start in full affiliate marketing business to help make my world worth a living. Thank you

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I'm Anekwe Paul Ndubude, an ND graduate of Electrical/Electronics Engineering of Federal Polytechnic, Oko Anambra State. I was born on June 22nd, 1991 in my home town, Anam of Anambra State. A Christian and God fearing with free lifestyle. Due to some financial lack I couldn't further my studies after my ND graduation. Facing the labour market with my educational qualification is never an easy going in this country and the economy. Over three years now I have been running here and there to atleast get any manageable job but to no avail. Many has promise to provide one but they never meet up with their promises. I have no money to learn and support myself of any desired work but I have my phone, so I make use of my phone. From 2016 till date I have been online searching for treasures. I have meet with different scammers and scam sites, then the little that I have was taken and a wasted effort counted numerously. But in all I was gathering legitimate informations. From 2016 till date I failed as an affiliate marketer not because those affiliate program are not worth it but because I lack the required fund to finance the business. I always believe myself to make fortunes with online business but never know it could be difficult without startup capital. I have gathered enough information in those places that I failed as an affiliate marketer and have known the market and how they really works. I have always loved affiliate marketing and will make a great success with the business and also help others to benefit from my achievements.

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May 20, 2019 20:29

Thank you Ukamaka. Please help me share my link for others to vote, I need more support.

With more vote I will scale to the next stage and be among the 10 finalist all around the world.


May 20, 2019 12:09

I really like his project idea...but I\'m hearing about affiliate marketing for the first time. Its really good looking into because our country and the economic problem needs such business to shurn employment and youths parading on the street doing nothing.