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Re-cycling tour

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Re-cycling tour is the environmental awareness project where by people/cyclist move around on two wheels and collect trash off the streets as well as promoting cycling tourism as a way to conserve nature and minimize noise pollution.At the end of every week a group of cyclist meet up at our bike shop where we get a small briefing and then move around and collect plastic trash and any other form of trash then collect it for recycling to produce end use product.In this project we don't just aim to unlitter the street but we also want to produce sonething out of the plastic from the street so us to shiw the community that its not only that they will clean the environment but they can also get a certain product from what they thought was just a trash.We are looking forward to raise the environment awareness and have the community that will value and conserve the environment across Africa.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Our project is at its early stages and so far we have been able to raise awareness in the community by participating in big event as cleaners on two wheels.Recently we we're featured in a national magazine after participating in a big marathon event in East Africa i.e Kili marathon by collecting plastic bottles left by marathon participant.We are also recognised by Moshi municipal environmental council as environmental lovers.Our success is measured by see the clean streets and amount of plastic trash collected to be used for recycling.Right now we are still collecting the plastic trash as we look forward to have a small recycling industry.Also we aim to build toilets and bathrooms to our community which are made of bricks made from plastic trash across Africa.We want to see the community thats with a clean surrounding to minimize the risks of outbreak diseases like cholera from yhe toilets that we will build.

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Sustainability and future plans

Re-cycling tour is a project under one bike Tanzania.We are the organization that is youth inclusive and we have a small bike shop where we sale bicycle, bicycle spare parts, and provide bicycle mechanic and repair services.We also have youth mechanic training workshop where we train youth on mechanical services skills and also looking forward to train them with recycling skills as well.Its from this shop where we get fund to finance our activities by selling bicycle, spare parts, providing mechanical services and selling of bicycle tours to tourist to attractive destinations.We are also looking forward to have another source of income from recycling activities.We want to grow up and create employment opportunities within our community by involving youth in our activities from bicycle mechanics, bicycle tourism, recycling activities and many other.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am a young man 28 years old build in good morals,highly motivated and hard working spirit.I have worked with the community and I always have a sense of responsibility to my own community.I have worked to support the projects which have a direct impact to the community.I worked for a project which aimed to provide solar electricity to rural community for two years but again I have also worked with the organization that works to protect and saferguard children rights as a volunteer.I love bicycle and I knew one day I would be able to do something with the bicycle rather than just riding it, now every time I ride a bicycle I have a feeling that I am riding towards achieving a goal of changing the community rather than doing it just for fun.The best thing a man has is his confident and I am very optimistic and confident that I can change lives with bicycle.Asante sana!

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May 23, 2019 06:41

Good initiation and thinking about your project is very good iam hoping to see your project in one of the best .Keep doing .Its good idea and i voted your idea
Please go through this link to view my project and vote for it if you like my project and give your valuable suggestions through comments .Thank you