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Workload NG

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Workload is a tech supported Artisan-Customer connection platform, with a strong offline model. For instance you want to get a new plumber/ electrician to do a simple job for you, with Workload, you can get the best artisan in your location. We aim to be Africa's Largest Artisan Hub.From the Customer perspective, many people have issues getting trusted artisans to deliver quality service to them when they have needs. some customers have to travel far distance to get a menial jobs done, Workload, helps them to find the best artisans by how close they are to their proximity, and also gives them the insurance of a quality service delivery and excellent customer service. For Artisans, lots of them have issues getting clientele, most times, even the best of artisans suffer from this problems, most likely because of no or low little literacy level, or just ignorance on how to access the service market or low awareness or exposure, Workload takes the artisan through a unique verification process, exposes them directly to their customers, and offer them trainings, resource materials, a network and promote collaborations. Workload NG, is just beyond a tech platform (Web-app, Mobile App), we have a firm offline model, to support customers and artisans affected by the low internet penetration rate in Nigeria. Our aim is to encourage more seasoned individuals to engage in service delivery and also help shape the future, as skills upgrades and we move closer to the 4th Industrial revolution.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Poverty reduction - we believe we can make the artisan/ outsourcing industry more lucrative by increasing the income available to them and giving them relevant data, training and knowledge resource relevance to revenue increment. Unemployment - We are in the business of motivating more individuals to gain revenue from engaging in offering skills they already have,and even developing themselves further, this would reduce or de-congest the job market while also creating more jobs for youths. Making Cities and communities more sustainable - by increasing the flow of income in various communities, we believe such communities would experience growth. We also are interested in encouraging communal job migrations to aid demand of skills meet supply and vice-versa. In terms of generation of revenue, in the next 5 years, we aim to meet an annual target of 5% of the Market value, effectively disseminating $15 Million amongst 50,000 artisans in cities and communities within Nigeria Our direct and indirect employment opportunities are expansive, we have youth who would fill up our operation base, and others who would serve as representatives for the organization.

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Sustainability and future plans

Yes, this is not a completely new innovation, but we are way different and better. Having been involved in consistently hacking this solution for close to three years, here are some of our Unique Selling Point. 1) We have a strong offline model, - We are the first artisan-customer solution that fully aims to represent, the non-digital savvy artisans, and still ensure quality is not tampered with. 2) Platform Variability - Our solution is offered everywhere, We aim to have major representation in every major city we are in, and our platform can be accessed via Mobile Apps ( Android, IOS, and Windows), Web - ( Via any browser at all) , and also USSD code, for users without internet, we can also be met via physical walk-ins to our office, and by calls. 3) Scale- All other competitors have between the range of 500 - 2000 artisans, at most, but WorkLoad aims to sign-up over 50,000 artisans in Nigeria within the first 3 years of operation, currently we have access to about 1,500 artisans pre-launch. 4) The global Outsourcing industry was valued at $85.6 Billion for 2018, (according to statistica), and Nigeria estimated to own 0.35% of that market valued at $300 Million, Which is a large industry, and we have projection of the percentage of market share we are capturing. 5) Futuristic application: Workload is not just about artisan-customer connection, although this is our start point, we aim to be the major drivers and contribution to progress that steers Africa's transition to the 4th Industrial revolution, combining huge data analytics and A.I models to help us transit. 6)Revenue Model: We have four revenue model ( 2 major, 2 minor) to help hit and maintain sustainability and profitability.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Techie, community advocate and evangelist, team player and avid entrepreneur are attributes that most describes me. My name is Nelson, born as the First son in my family, i have always had a shoulder for leadership, and as daunting as the task seems it has always been something i have enjoyed, i love meeting and working with people, especially when it involves self development, capacity building, but most especially when activities that proffer societal development are involved. My skill profile, intermediate level in web-app development (PHP - Laravel, and Javascript - Vue.Js), and have developed a few personal projects. Also, i am involved in tech advocacy, as i became the free-code camp PH lead convener, and also a volunteer with the Google Developers Group Lagos. I also am the Team Lead for WorkLoad NG - an upcoming artisan-customer platform, and also a coordinator for media and communication for The Autism Awareness Foundation. I am a firm believer in local solutions that can cause global impact, and that technology, and youth-power has a lot to play in the development of the new face of Africa. Lastly, i also love travelling and exploring new places as this helps my creative process.

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